Tuesday, February 27, 2007

A Girl and her Barbie

Remember her? I'm dating myself when I say I had the very first original doll. She lived in a round black case with awesome clothes and colorful, spiked heels. I loved my Barbie.

Then I grew up - friends and boyfriends, college, marriage and...nostalgia hit.

"Where's my Barbie," I said to my mother one day, remembering I had packed her away in my parent's basement.

"I gave her to a doll collector", said my unconcerned mother. "The woman was VERY happy to have her."

Urgggggg. I bet.

My mother, noting my interest, sent me a picture of MY Barbie on the collector's shelf. "She even found an original wedding dress inside the case," mom said.
I never told her how much that doll meant to me. It was too late.

Recently my husband bid on an eBay Barbie. "It has to be an original," i reminded him. "Black and white bathing suit, ponytail. The bid is starting at $9.99. I'm sure you can get one under fifty dollars."

What did I know about online sales? Without reliving those fruitless hours spent counting down the minutes to the end of each auction, I can tell you that you can't buy a vintage Barbie for under...well, hundreds of dollars.

Someday though, I'll have her.

Fun facts

Barbie was introduced in 1953. Among her 80 careers, she went to college when she was 11 years old and joined the Army at 39.

In 2000, she developed a belly button.

She has seen over 150 nations and every second THREE Barbies are sold.

An original in mint condition has sold for $10,000.00

Source: Mattel


Joanna Campbell Slan said...


I owned a Barbie just like that, but mine had chew marks all over her! Thanks for the memories.


Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Now I have to check my daughter's Barbies for bellybuttons...

About six years ago, the Barbie people met here for their convention. There wasn't a hotel to be found within a 20-mile radius of downtown.

If they ever come back, I'm going to ogle the dolls. I loved my Barbies; they were conduits through which to tell a story. (go figure)

Deb Baker said...

My barbie probably wasn't in the best condition either. I played with her non-stop. And in spite of all the wonderful gowns, mine was naked most of the time.

Susan, I'd love to go to a barbie convention! BTW, I wanted to write a mystery about barbies, but I guess Mattel doesn't like her name used, and other authors have been sued.