Thursday, May 31, 2007

Pets on the Internet

Hey, I’m not the only pet blogger out there. Am I surprised? Of course not. As I’ve always maintained, pets are family. People love to talk about those they love!

I find some of the other blogs fascinating--if I only had time to read them. But when I did Google and Yahoo searches on pet blogs, I found a whole bunch of them. Some involve the blogger’s own and favorite pets, often dogs and cats. Others are much more esoteric and include all kinds of animals, even more than most of my Kendra Ballantyne, Pet-Sitter mysteries. A lot of them even talk about exotic and wild animals, although why they appear on pet blogs I’m not certain.

Kendra has sat for dogs, cats, ferrets, macaws, iguanas, rabbits, ball pythons and pot bellied pigs. Other animals she hasn’t yet cared for, but are definitely cared for by some of the bloggers out there, include horses, frogs, turtles and rats.

Some of the blogging topics? Pet adoption is a favorite. Then there’s pet health. The pet food recall. Pet toys and gadgets, including high tech ID tags and implanted chips. Playing with pets. Pet clothing (mostly for dogs).

There are lots of other pet-related websites, too. One I really like is It’s a general clearinghouse for lots of animals available for adoption, all over the country. You can search by area and type of pet, even breed, that you’re interested in, and lots of possibilities appear. They include a lot of information, including some background of the animal when possible, any known health issues, and whether they get along with other pets or kids. Not that anything like that is a guarantee as to how an adoption will work out, especially with an older animal. Then again, I was watching the Crufts Dog Show the other day and a rescue dog--a pointer, I think--was winning lots of Best of Breed ribbons.

And then there are the newsletters. I receive one about daily from Dr. Jon of Petplace is a website that deals with pet health issues. The daily articles are often interesting, even though the reason for them is that Dr. Jon would like to sell me pet insurance.

I’ve loved the Internet for quite a while, especially when I need to research something for my writing. There’s a lot out there--and some of it’s on pets, one of my favorite topics.

Excuse me. I have some more reading to do....



Patricia Harrington said...

Hi, Linda,

Love to see another author where "pets" are it! The info on pet blogs is interesting, too.

Linda, if you'd like a contributing post about how my amateur sleuth's pet, Narvik, (a Norwegian Elkhound) managed to sneak into a bigger sidekick role with Bridget O'Hern, I'd love to share. It happened in book two of the series, Death Comes Too Soon, set on the Oregon coast.

You know how THOSE kinds of guys are! They cozy up, look at you with liquid, pleading brown eyes, and then, BINGO. You're in the sack with Mr. Charmer, who spreads his furry body out, four legs draped very unglamorously, leaving you clinging to the side of the bed!


Pat Harrington, Author
Bridget O'Hern, an amateur detective who does what Pat does in her "other" writing life: consult with nonprofit organzations, writing grants.

Bridget O'Hern, a slueth who's seeking her bliss and stumbling over dead bodies along the way!

Anonymous said...

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