Thursday, December 27, 2007

Holiday Stress

My holiday season has been a good one so far. But people I know--mostly business associates-- seem to be dealing with some genuine difficulties. In some instances, the problems evolve from relatives’ poor health. In others, it’s too personal to discuss... other than “family issues.”

The stress I’m feeling is more time-related than anything. I’d like to have additional time to write, but I want to be with family even more than I want to sit creating at the computer. My part-time outside job also eats into those weekdays when the office isn’t closed for the holidays.

At least the stress for me has been far outweighed by the fun of being with family. Our holiday celebration has gone on for nearly a week already. We just returned from a delightful get-together with some of my husband’s distant relations who live in Southern California. I got to talk killer hobbies with some of them. One of the attendees was wearing a lovely hat and scarf knitted by her mother, who was also there. Also, my mother-in-law is still staying with us, and our sons have been around part of the time--it’s wonderful!

Even so, I’ll definitely carve out some time to write, even as I continue to enjoy family. It’s what I do. But how will I make things easier on myself? I’ll turn to my main KillerHobbies topic: pets! They’re definitely great for easing tensions, by play and by snuggles. Lexie’s lying at my feet right now, ready to do either.

I wish all the best in this holiday season to my wonderful fellow bloggers and everyone else who reads this... including lots of family time and no stress!


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Camille Minichino said...

I can't remember a holiday season when I didn't have homework, exams to study for (or lately, read and grade), a book deadline, or all of the above.

Sometimes I wish for one that's free of all that, but
I think I would be bored ... for me, fun and relaxation work better when they're in short spurts between activities.