Friday, February 8, 2008

Week of Firsts

It’s been a week of firsts for me. First time I saw my book on the shelf at Borders. First interview. First party in my honor. First time I was bumped out of a magazine.

It’s a thrill seeing your book at the store, let me tell you. Wondering who’s going to buy it. Will they like the setting? Guess the murderer? Hate the right people? Will they blush at the naughty bits?

Here’s a picture David Isaak took in the Southland. There’s Wild Goose Chase in between Josephine Tey and Sherlock Holmes. I’d say that’s pretty good company.

Check out the interview at my brother’s blog. My first interview. By the way, Dave has created an alternate universe. You can’t really get to Eddie’s Book Nook from here. Don’t worry if you don’t understand it. I’ve known him, like my whole life, and I don’t always get it. He’s just that smart.

Do you have an Ipod loaded with your favorite songs? Do you know that feeling you get when a particularly good one comes up? Like whenever I hear those first few notes of Son of a Preacher Man, I think, This is going to be good. A friend threw a party to celebrate my Publication Date. Every time the doorbell rang, and it was another familiar face, I had that feeling. This is going to be good. And it was. My first party.

My first disappointment in publishing (okay, not counting the book rejections). Mark Lipinski’s review of Wild Goose Chase was bumped out of this month’s Quilter’s Home Magazine. He needed the ad space. Dang, the harsh realities of life. Still, the magazine, with his unique, slightly skewed view of the quilting world made me laugh. My plan is to be one of the swashbuckling quilters on page 36.

So a week of ups and downs, but mostly ups. Way up.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Terry! You must be thrilled. I'm looking forward to sharing the excitement (and when my first book (One Bad Apple)under my own name comes out, it'll be right next to John Connolly, and just a bit over from Michael Connelly (he can't spell). Great company, eh?

Enjoy the moment!

Sheila Connolly

Joanna Campbell Slan said...

This is great. I hope I do as well as you do on my maiden voyage. Yipppeeeee!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I was trying to figure out how the heck you got near Arthur Conan Doyle. Then I looked a little more closely. :)

Sigh. When I get published, I'd be right next to the Narnia books, if it weren't for another Levine author. Or course, if I went with my real first name, I could bump her right out of there.


Congrats! The party was wonderful and the interview was hysterical!

Terri Thayer said...

I've been having sporadic internet interruptions, so my comments have disappeared. Let's try again.

Sheila, what a brilliant last name! The most I could hope for was a reader mistaking me for Nancy Thayer or Steve Thayer. Connolly is awesome! When does your book come out?

It's a fun ride, Joanna. I know you'll be ready to enjoy every moment.And scrapbooking it!

Narnia's good, Becky. I like the WHEN I get published. Go girl.

Add to my list of firsts: First picture in a blog. You will see more

Joanna Campbell Slan said...


I want to add my encouragement to Terri's. As Joe Konrath says there's a name for writers who never give up: Published!

You go, girl.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Joanna, for the support! Yes, as I tell Terri (and myself!), if I don't get published, it's not going to be because of something I DIDN'T do. :)