Saturday, March 8, 2008

Left Coast Crime 2008

“Terri – thanks for bringing it back to sex!”

That’s how Marcus Sakey, author of The Blade Itself and At the City’s Edge, signed my copy. At the Sex & Violence panel at Left Coast Crime 2008 today in Denver, CO., the talk had turned to violence. I raised my hand and asked if we could bring the talk back to sex. Marcus cheered and awarded me a copy of his book. Score!

My question to the panel was how their family reacts when they read the sex scenes they’ve written. Several of my cousins worried that an aunt might not be able to handle the sex in my book. I happen to know she would love it. My nieces are another story. I don’t think they’re ready to read a sex scene that their favorite aunt wrote. And I’m never asking my son how he liked it.

My mother read my manuscript and caught a major continuity error. It just so happened to occur during the love scene. Buster and Dewey have just had lunch on his big, broad, plush seat of his pickup when lust overtakes them. Afterwards, Mom pointed out that Dewey put her pants back on – twice, about six paragraphs apart. Ooops. What can you say except, “Thanks, Mom!”

Left Coast Crime is one of my favorite conferences. Picture your favorite authors, and some newbies about to become your favorite, wandering, available for chatting up. The panels are informative and often quite funny. Crime writers seem to come equipped with a quick wit, so they’re easy to listen to.

And if it gets too boring, we can always bring it back to sex.


Becky Levine said...

Yay for getting the book! But are you sure it's your nieces who aren't ready & not their aunt? :)

Kathryn Lilley said...

You must have what we used to call a "cool Mom," Terri! My Mom always complains about "vulgar" sex scenes in books, but I notice she keeps reading them!