Thursday, June 12, 2008

Chicago and More

I had a fantastic time last weekend, in Chicago.

First, I was there for the bridal shower for my older son’s fiancée. The event was in Indiana, in a cute party room connected with a lounge. I had concerns about everyone’s safety going and coming because of all the tornadoes and thunderstorms in the area. Yes, there were showers on the shower. From what I heard, flooding occurred near the home of one of the attendees, but despite the power going off there wasn’t much effect on the party. Fortunately, the place was equipped with a generator, so the lights just blinked off, then on again.

I got to meet some of my son’s future in-laws (including a delightful dinner the night before with his fiancée’s parents) as well as family friends, and they were all delightful! Looks as if my son chose well in many ways.

I also had an opportunity to bond with my grand-puppy, my son’s Puli named Piper. She’s adorable and nearly as cuddly as my Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.

Most of all, I got to spend some time with my son and his fiancée. That’s what made it most worthwhile!

Coincidentally, the bridal shower was the same weekend as the Printers Row Book Fair sponsored by the Chicago Tribune. I was fortunate enough to be able to sign with lots of other nice mystery authors, first at the Big Sleep Books booth, and then at the Midwest Chapter of Mystery Writers of America booth. The hosts of both booths were fun and charming, and I sold and signed lots of books--including quite a few copies of my June release, DOUBLE DOG DARE, Kendra Ballantyne, Pet-Sitter’s sixth mystery! And, yes, it also rained on Printer’s Row, although at first I was scorched by the sun and drenched by the humidity. I grew up in a similar climate, in Pittsburgh, but I’ve lived in L.A. long enough not to be used to such unwieldy weather. I didn’t even remember my umbrella that day.

Okay, enough about that fun trip. Two other things I wanted to mention here.

First, I know most of you reading this are far from the Los Angeles area, but I wanted to mention a dog lost by one of my neighbors in the Hollywood Hills. She’s a little shih-tzu terrier mix named Moxie. We don’t know these neighbors but saw them searching for their baby, and since then have seen their posters and flyers all over the place. They’re even offering a reward. So, if any of you happen to see Moxie, please let me know and I’ll tell them. I’m just hoping she’s in the arms of a puppy-napper who is kind, if not honest, and not up in the hills here as coyote food. I’ve been watching for her for over a week, wishing I could help.

Also--I was also enthralled by a news story this week, especially after being in the tornado-prone Midwest. It was about a Rottweiler named Chase who was seen by a bunch of neighbors being lifted and twisted around in a twister--and lived to bark about it. Yay, Chase!

So... what’s the most exciting thing you’ve done this week? I’ll bet it can’t top mine! And have you seen poor Moxie...?



Camille Minichino said...

I gave myself a day off -- went to San Francisco for coffee with a friend, then attended a political lecture, followed by more coffee and exotic chocolate. I had a carefree ride on Bay Area's BART trains.

It was such fun I'm going to do it again next week, combining it with a meeting at Golden Gate U. where I teach.

Linda O. Johnston said...

Sounds great, Camille! I'll be in San Francisco for the Romance Writers of America conference at the end of July. Maybe you can give me a rundown of things to do in the area--and even join me for some of that coffee and exotic chocolate!

Camille Minichino said...

I know all the coffee and chocolate places in the county.
We'll talk!