Saturday, January 10, 2009

Another Lost Week

I thought the bug I had was gone last week, but it was only playing possum. Then I heard there was something going around that lasted two weeks. And I thought, bingo that’s what I have. Only I got a bonus of a few extra days.

I think it’s really gone this time. I certainly hope so. I’ve had my fill of watching television. I think if I have to watch Tom Cruise on one more talk show, I’ll scream. I watched Regis, Martha, Ellen, Oprah and too many entertainment news stories. I watched the four o’clock news, the five o’clock news, that national news, and the eleven o’clock news. And movies. One night I watched three.

I wanted to start putting the stamps and labels on the postcards for Dead Men Don’t Crochet, but only got as far as the mail merge to make the labels before my stomach started feeling ucky.

I worked on the fourth crochet mystery, but I couldn’t take looking at a computer screen, so it’s all handwritten. I was grateful to discover I could write even when I felt horrible, though there’s a good chance it sucks. I guess I’ll find out as I type it into the computer.

I did finish a scarf I started a long time ago. The yarn is a soft shiny pink and made from bamboo. I’m not sure if I like the scarf - it’s kind of heavy - but at least it’s done.

And with the exception of Wednesday night when I thought I might be dying, I managed to walk my dog every night. I always walk her at night and last night I saw something shadowy moving in the street. When it passed the lights on a fence, I saw it was a coyote. Thankfully it skittered past us. My dog Goldy didn’t make a peep. I’m sure the coyote saw us, but maybe when it saw the LED flashlight on Goldy’s collar, it got scared.

Then when we got home and I was just settling down to drink tea and watch more television, there was an earthquake. At first, I thought it was my cat Rocky who was sitting on the top of my chair, but then the news came on and it was the top story.

So how was your week?


Monica Ferris said...

Oh, Betty, your report has that
"wavering of reality" quality that means you are still pretty ill. I recognize it, my writing done while sick does that, too. It's amusing and a little scary. Get well soon.

Linda O. Johnston said...

Wow, Betty, your week can only get better! Mine is going along well--I've met all three looming deadlines early. I felt that earthquake, too--just a brief rumble where I am. And I'm paranoid about coyotes in my area, ever since one showed up in my backyard a few years ago.
Feel better!

Betty Hechtman said...

Monica and Linda, thanks for the good wishes.

Julie (Chloe's mom) said...

Flu and coyotes and earthquakes, oh my! You're due for some karma balancing for sure. Sending good thoughts your way.