Thursday, July 30, 2009

Cavalier Ball!

Last Sunday, I attended an extra-special and fun event in Santa Monica, California--the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Ball!

It was held by an absolutely charming pet supply store, doggy day care facility and spa, called Healthy Spot. Of course I brought my Cavaliers Lexie and Mystie--oh, yes, and my husband Fred came along, too.

What a wonderful bunch of Cavaliers were there! Somewhere between 25 and 35 attended, including mine. The pups were beautiful and adorable and clearly beloved.

I have to admit that my Cavaliers are not as socialized as they should be. When let loose in an enclosed area with many other pups, they seemed bewildered at first. Then Lexie started sniffing her temporary companions and seemed somewhat at ease. Mystie, though, kept hiding in whatever spots she could find--behind people, preferably.

The staff members at Healthy Spot were wonderful. They welcomed each Cavalier, handed out gift bags and helped to shepherd dogs and owners to the various venues within the shop, including a place where our Cavaliers had photos taken on a purple velvet throne while wearing a matching purple velvet cape. Very royal, as befitting a breed whose ancestors were the small spaniels in the court of King Charles II of England.

There were snacks for the Cavaliers and for their owners. For two hours, guests arrived, enjoyed, then left.

Since we live in another part of L.A., I was delighted to learn that we were invited because, when one of the delightful staff members Googled Cavaliers, I somehow appeared--probably because of Lexie, the Cavalier who looks just like mine, in my Kendra Ballantyne, Pet-Sitter mysteries.

Healthy Spot also holds events for other breeds. If you happen to live in the L.A. area and your type of pup is invited, I urge you to attend!

Have you ever been invited to a special event for your pet?


Kate Hathway said...

Most breed rescue groups have special events (greyhound reunion events are all over the US and quite fun - Greyhounds Reach the Beach at Dewey Beach, MA. is one example). Here in NEOhio, next month will see Canine Fun Days and Greyhound Reunion, which started out for greys, but morphed into the largest all dog event in Ohio. Many dog rescues, and a few for other species are invited to have a presence, and there are games, contests, fun runs, and food make it a great 2 day event.

And I've been to Boxerfests and soon a Doberfest, too.

Monica Ferris said...

Many years ago I brought back from England a beautiful cat. She was from the County of Cheshire, very appropriately. I called her Lady Felicity. When a cat show was held in my new home town, there was a category for "household pet." I entered Lady, just for fun. She was amazing. Other cats cowered in their pens, but she sat right up front as if to say, royally, "Oh, look at all the lovely people come to greet me." She permitted the judge to handle her and she came in First Runner Up. When the judge found out her age -- she was about eight -- she declared, "Not Lady Felicity, DAME Felicity!"

Linda O. Johnston said...

Rescue groups are great, Kate, and it's wonderful to see that they attract potential adopters by fun events.

Lady (or Dame!) Felicity sounds utterly regal, Monica. How great that she did so well in the show!

Janie Emaus said...

The only event I was invited to was to come to the person's house who had picked up my lost, scared doggie. And I was only to happy to attend!

Linda O. Johnston said...

That's a wonderful, relief-filled kind of event, Janie!

Betty Hechtman said...

Sounds like a scene from the next Kendra book, if you ask me.

Linda O. Johnston said...

Kendra's thinking about it, Betty!