Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Read all about it!

Yesterday I sent out the Killer Hobbies Newsletter for September and October. If you're a subscriber, I hope you enjoy the return of this forum. If you think you should have received a copy and did not, it could be that your email bounced and you need to sign up with your new one. If you have problems, email me and we'll straighten it out.

If you're not a subscriber, there's still time to sign up. Just fill out the short form in the right "margin" of this screen. You can then email me at camille@minichino.com and I'll send you the "back issue."

You'll get to read about what we're doing and what we're planning for the great mystery conference "Bouchercon" in Indianapolis in October.

We also offer prizes and contests. In this issue you can enter the drawing for a miniature scene to celebrate the coming of "Mourning in Miniature" on October 6.

We love sharing what we do, but we're always interested and curious about what you'd like to see in the newsletter. More contests? Drawings? A look at our diaries? Would you like to see a "readers corner?"

Flash fiction? First chapters of our books?

We write this for you, so let us know, either through comments here, or by emailing any one of us.

Meanwhile, here's to a wonderful Fall season for you!


Anonymous said...

ANYTHING you do is wonderful, interesting, pleasing and informative. Did I mention creative? xoxoxo

Camille Minichino said...

Well, thanks, anonymous!

Now we need your creative ideas!