Saturday, November 7, 2009

Halloween Report

Another Halloween is over. Once again, I was the sole door answerer. This year I was smart and during the prime tricker treating time, had a stool by the door. At first it seemed like there were fewer tricker treaters out, but I think they just got a late start. The street out front got so clogged with people you couldn’t see across it. And groups of five and ten at a time started showing up.

I was interested to see what the costumes would be this year. I’d heard Michael Jackson costumes were supposed to be a big deal. I only saw two kids dressed up as him. I thought there would be lots of vampires considering how popular everything vampire is. I also thought I’d see some Twilight characters. No Bellas and the three vampires that came to the door were closer to Bela Lugosi than Robert Pattinson.

Some costumes never seem to go out of style. I gave candy to quite a few Dorothy’s from the wizard of Oz. I don’t recall one Harry Potter showing up. There were quite a few lady bugs and kids in black with scream masks.

Some of the trick or treaters really pushed it age wise. Three boys who were way taller than me and probably over the border line of their mid teens showed up as Jesus, a rabbi and Barack Obama. The Obama said he’d say something clever, but he didn’t have his teleprompter. I think the gray haired man in scrubs was over seventy, but that didn’t stop him from coming to the door twice and on the second trip, he kept shaking his bag(it was a white garbage bag) wanting more candy after I’d give him a candy bar.

Quite a few people claimed to be gathering candy for someone at home. True, or were they just adults looking for some candy?

Around nine, it seemed to die down and I thought it was over, but a herd of little girls rang the bell. Their parents were in a car at the curb and driving them from house to house.

I have to say all the costumes were way above the cheesy kind we used to get at the dime store in a box. You put them over your clothes and they tied across the back. I think I went as a hobo a lot because all you had to do was wear old clothes. But then that’s ancient history, I guess.

In the end we went through four huge bags of candy and even though I didn’t keep tabs on exactly how many, I figured we had well over 300 hundred trick or treaters. I still don’t get what was up with the old guy in the green scrubs.


Linda O. Johnston said...

As usual, we had no trick-or-treaters this year, Betty. I bought a small bag of candy just in case--as always--but it was still waiting when our younger son came for a visit later in the week. Where we live is in the hills, is not lighted well and has no sidewalks, so it's no wonder. But we did drive around to see a few kids dressed up.

Betty Hechtman said...

It's funny how it goes. We used to live four blocks from here and never once got once trick or treater.

Julie said...

The ones I'm not all that happy with are the hulking surly teenagers who haven't even bothered to dress up. It's just a shakedown for them. Didn't get many vampires, either, which was a bit of a surprise. I got enough candy, for a change, and have a lot leftover. Wonder what to do with that? Hmmmmm...

Virginia said...

We always get lots of trick or treaters. I probably went through at least five bags. We live in a newer development and I know we gets some kids from apartments in town. This was the first year I gave out candy alone. So I decided to stay in the formal livingroom, closer to the front door. I lit some candles for atmosphere and grabbed a book of ghost stories and read that in between the hordes of costumed kiddies. My kids are adults now but I still love Halloween.

Betty Hechtman said...

Julie, I know what you mean about feeling like it's a shake down. I got a few of those teens whose only costume was a candy bag.

Virginia, nice idea with the candles and ghost stories. I used to decorate,too. Somewhere in the garage is a sets of skeleton lights and some pumpkin heads. Maybe next year.

Camille Minichino said...

We never get "customers" and I'm usually glad, but you made it sound like such fun, Betty!