Sunday, December 27, 2009

Ertyl the Elf Gets Down to It

Okay, definitely a little odd, but I'm here in Orlando, the Sunday after Christmas, just back from visiting "the Happiest Place on Earth" with my family, and Ertyl seems to be right at home. Piece of advice: If it's below 60 degrees in Florida, bundle up like you're planning for an Alaskan winter. Oh, my gosh. we were so cold last night, my ears are still frozen.

So here's Ertyl, and here's a cheer for the New Year, a year full of mystery and magic and more Killer Hobby blog posts!

There once was an elf they called Ertyl,
He dressed all in green like a turtle,
A lover of holly and all things quite jolly
He found the day after Xmas a hurtle.
"What do I do now? Alas, holy cow,
No presents or gifts,
We're done with our lists,
No halls needing decking,
No mistletoe necking,
No more frantic shopping,
No global roof hopping,
No chimney slip-slopping,
No house-by-house stopping,
No more green and red,
No reindeer need fed,
No polishing the sleigh,
No wisking away
In the frosty winter air,
The coursers harnessed by pair,
So much time on my hands,
Without any plans,
What shall I do?
So I don't feel blue?

I know...I'll write a mystery!"

And he did.

So shall I.

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