Thursday, May 12, 2011

The Voice

I like to watch singing competitions on TV. I ca’t sing myself which may explain why I’m a sucker for these shows. I watched American Idol from the first year. I can still remember the feeling I had listening to Kelly Clarkson nail a song every time she stepped on stage.

I stopped watching Idol this year, simply because the change in judges made it a good time to stop getting sucked in. I’ve caught one or two of the performances on YouTube and while it looks like there are good singers, I have no interest in watching.

I guess it was inevitable that I would turn on the new show, The Voice, and get hooked. This time it’s not the singers, though, it’s the judges that have hooked me.

Adam Levine from Maroon 5 and country singer Blake Shelton love to match wits. Cee-Lo hides his emotions behind fancy sunglasses but loves a singer with heart. Christine Aguilera looks like a dumb blonde, but she is pretty astute when it comes to picking singers.

These judges love music. On tonight’s show, they stood up and cheered a performance by two young women, Niki Dawson and Vicci Martinez, who sang their hearts out.

In the end, I guess its performances like that one that keep me watching.

Are these shows a weakness of yours? Tell me your favorites.


Linda O. Johnston said...

The shows with only singing competitions haven't really lured me, Terri, but I do watch Dancing With the Stars a lot. I really love America's Got Talent and am glad the new season starts toon.

Terri Thayer said...

I've stayed away from those two, although I do love So You Think You can Dance which starts soon, too. Something about watching people do what they love to do.

Betty Hechtman said...

I must admit I finally got sucked in by Dancing with the Stars, though I almost never watch the whole show. I watched American's Got Talent enough last year to know who was who.

I really prefer scripted shows if I'm going to watch anything. There are really only four shows I always watch or did until their season finale. Parenthood, Southland, The Middle, and Modern Family. As an aside, I was at the Huntington Gardens a while back and was surprised to see two the actors from Parenthood walking and talking to each other. Their real life relationship seemed eerily like their fictious one on the show.