Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Fun with titles

Last week I asked for suggestions for names for the next Dewey book. I got enough suggestions for another twenty books. Guess I'll have to keep writing about Dewey and Buster until they're old and gray. Not that I mind.

The winner is....Monkey Wrench! Thank you, Aimee and Kris. You will be mentioned in the acknowledgments of my book. How's that for bragging rights? i hope you're the first one on your block to be thanked by an author in print. I will send you a copy of the book when it comes out, too.

Allison, you are the winner of the three "old" Dewey books. Send me an email at with your snail mail address. Congrats. Thanks for commenting.

I really am so glad so many of you submitted ideas. The quilting world is full of block names but you came up with some doozies.

Here are some ideas I had from some of the titles you suggest:

Gentlemen’s Fancy – Kevin and Buster have to rescue Kym from the Pink Poodle, a nude bar, where’s she been dancing. She’s lost her memory and thinks she’s a stripper named Fancy.

Rocky Road to Kansas – Pearl and Ina take a rented RV to the Paducah Quilt Show. They get waylaid in Kansas by a traveling con man who wants them to rob a bank. He’s surprised when they agree and the three end up in jail.

Scrap Madness – Twelve quilters tries to sew for 24 hours straight. The result is one finger broken under the sewing machine needle, two friendships torn asunder, and an unplanned pregnancy.

Robbing Peter to Pay Paul – A comedy club opens next door to QP. Comedians with no cash come into the shop to try out material and beg food. Dewey has to solve a murder when one of them is found with the mike cord around his neck. Pual says Peter stole his joke.

Wheel of Fortune – Vanna White takes up quilting and bumps Lark out of her TV show. Lark gets revenge by buying vowels.

Dewey’s Victory – Kym divorces Kevin and moves to Guam.

Only Kidding!


Anonymous said...

YEA. I love the title Monkey Wrench.

But I have to agree, there were a ton of good options in that bunch. The "Killer Hobbies" gang is the best.

Terri Thayer said...

You bet!

Anonymous said...

Hi Terri,

So glad that you are going with the title Monkey Wrench.

So many good choices.


Dru said...

COngrats to the winners and I love the title.

I like Dewey's Victory ;)

Anonymous said...

Monkey Wrench is a great title. I also kind of want to read the full version of Scrap Madness-is that wrong of me? :) I can't wait to read more of your quilting fiction. Please keep 'em coming!


Carol S said...

Those book titles lead you to some pretty wild scenarios!!

Becky Levine said...

I want a tornado and some munchkins in Rocky Road to Kansas. And I think Dewey's Victory should include her wedding day. Oh, wait, no, that would be Buster's Victory!!! :)

Terri Thayer said...


Pat, it's okay to be wrong here!

Becky, that sounds a little sexist to me!!

Becky Levine said...

I know, I thought about how it woudl sound, but I was really thinking about their personalities! I swear. :)

Terri Thayer said...

More like Becky's Victory!

Jaye said...

Fun contest! I agree that Monkey Wrench is a good choice. You'll have to buy the Quilter's album of patchwork patterns so you know most of the block patterns and can use it as a writing reference. Perhaps you should start a Sampler quilt will the blocks from all of your books. Nice long term project.