Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

It's late on Sunday, as I write this. We've had a wonderful holiday. As my blog sisters have noted, it can take a bit of adjustment to Christmas in warm climates. However, when I walked the beach today, I loved every minute of the stroll--and when I've lived in cold climates, I usually suffer from dry skin and general milaise. I 've noticed over the years, that some people don't mind the cold, and others feel it keenly. I'm one of the latter.

Yesterday we went to my sister's house and opened presents. My little grand-nephew Skyler was the hit of the event! No one enjoys Christmas like a little kid. At three years old, Skyler can now take immense pleasure in his gifts.

My son bought Skyler a set of radio controlled cars. These were such fun that everyone took turns "driving" them. In fact, they proved so popular that next year, I think we'll buy everyone a set of radio controlled cars and let 'em all have at it.

We were laughing at the cars bumping each other when Kevin, Skyler's father, arrived. He pulled more toys from a bag, and Skyler was busy playing his AirJam guitar when--WOOSH--a big gray dog came bounding into our midst. Her name is Lulu, and she's Kevin's Weimaraner. She'd managed to squeeze through the pet door, which is sized for my sister Jane's Chihuahuas and cats. I have no idea how she did it, but she frollicked through the wrapping paper as we chased her down.

My husband, my son, my aunt and I were ready to head back to our house when we realized that a gift card was missing. That necessitated a twenty-minute search through all the garbage bags. But it turned up in my purse.

That night, my Aunt Shirley and I went to midnight mass at The Good Shepherd Church. We both love singing carols, so we went to the special Service of Carols before the mass. The church was beautiful with hundreds of poinsettias all around the altar.

After we came home, my husband suggested that we step outside. The sky was filled with stars. We live on an island that practices low light pollution as part of our dedication to conservation of sea turtles. I've been told that if you fly over Jupiter Island, it appears dark, whereas the surrounding communities are all lit up. Without light pollution, the night sky is astonishing. I picked out Orion's Belt and felt quite smug about my astronomical prowess.
Today, I slept a lot. The guys watched sports. Aunt Shirley and I watched the Vicar of Dibley, including the Christmas special.

On Monday, I start proofing Ready, Scrap, Shoot. My next deadline is March for Death of a Dowager Lady, the second book in The Jane Eyre Chronicles. I feel rested and rejuvenated, ready to go.

I hope that you, too, had a Merry Christmas.


Linda O. Johnston said...

Sounds like a delightful, celebratory day, Joanna. What a cute description of how Lulu joined you. I salute your island's protection of sea turtles! Because of family logistics this year our gift exchange is yet to come so I can still shop some after-holiday sales.

Betty Hechtman said...

You made Christmas in Florida sound wonderful. I love looking at stars when you can really see them.