Wednesday, February 8, 2012

February Stuff

Last week, I wished everyone a Happy February. The more I considered it, the more fun I thought this month would be. So far, I’m right!

First, there was Groundhog Day. Since I grew up in Pittsburgh, I was always a fan of Punxsutawney Phil. Even though Punxsutawney is not extremely close to the ‘Burgh, it’s still in the same state and, besides, any day devoted to an animal intrigues me. I’d imagine that Phil got confused about seeing his shadow this year. Will there be a prolonged winter? Some places have had hardly any winter at all so far.

Anyway, on Sunday, February 12, I’ll be participating in the Valentine Soiree at Writerspace. I’ll probably be there from around 10:30-11:00 PM Eastern Time.

Also this month, my online class starts--next Monday, February 13. As I’ve mentioned before, it’s called Kiss Me or Kill Me: Cozy Mystery Writing 101 for Romance Writers, and it’s actually for anyone, romance writer or not, who’s interested in writing cozy mysteries.

Then, there’s Valentine’s Day, on Tuesday, February 14. Valentine’s Day is always special to me, first, because I’m a romantic as well as a romance writer. Even more important, it’s the day my DH and I got engaged. This year is a milestone, but I’m not mentioning which one!

Additionally, on this Valentine’s Day I’ll be attending Joanna Campbell Slan’s Facebook party, for at least a short while. I’ve picked up a small box of candy to send to a winner who attends, too. It’s Russell Stover, good stuff but not the most gourmet kind of treat--except that, what attracted me to this particular box is my obsession with animals, especially dogs. Why? Because the picture on the box is of CHOCOLATE Lab puppies!

On February 25, I’ll be at Passion and Prose, a very special one-day event at the Westin Long Beach that will feature Meg Cabot, Christina Dodd, and Gail Carriger. I’m one of the 50 other, really special romance writers who’ll be there to schmooze with attendees. There are still openings, so if you’re in the area, consider coming!

Finally, since this is a Leap Year, this February runs a day longer than the Februaries of the last three years. February 29 is a Wednesday, which means--yes, you’ve got it!--I’ll be blogging here on Killer Hobbies on that day, too!

What’s special about your February?


Mollie Bryan said...

We've hardly had any winter in Virginia. I don't miss it. But I'll tell you something: it kinda messes with me. I keep wondering WHEN we are going to get hit with something.Oye!

Janie Emaus said...

My debut novel is due back to my editor by the 27th. That's about the biggest news in my life right now.

Linda O. Johnston said...

It does seem strange that so many places aren't having a real winter this year, Mollie. Enjoy it while you can!

Linda O. Johnston said...

That's pretty big news, Janie--and great news at that!

Robena Grant said...

...put Linda O. Johnston on the Hot Seat at my blog:

...get to hear a favorite author, Lisa See, when she speaks at UCR for the Arts and Letters program, tomorrow night.

...get to visit my favorite RWA chapter group LARA, and have lunch with writer pals.

...get to enjoy a lively Book Club as we discuss Dreams of Joy.

...maybe get some chocolate for Valentine's day.

It's all good. : )

Linda O. Johnston said...

You're right, Robena--I didn't include everything I'm doing in February, including facing those who post questions for me to answer while in your Hot Seat! Plus, I'll be at the meeting of the Orange County Chapter of Romance Writers of America next Saturday, and I was at the Sisters in Crime LA meeting last Sunday, and I'll be at the Los Angeles Romance Authors meeting on the 19th...definitely a busy month! Glad you're having a good month, too.

Betty Hechtman said...

Linda, the romance event sounds great. I hope you have a great time.