Friday, September 7, 2012

Twitter Part 2

My Twitter plan kind of got put on hold. I sent out some tweets, started to follow some people, and got some new followers myself. But Twitter doesn’t really go with sitting at your computer. As Cora Shaw commented, it’s great when you are out and about.

Easy, I was told. All I had to do was put a Twitter app on my BlackBerry. One thing I often find about computers and smart phones is that things are never as easy as they sound.

And once again it was true. There wasn’t any place on my BlackBerry to get the app. I went online with my BlackBerry and found a bunch of sites that said I could download Twitter free. But none of them worked.

Apparently, the answer is that I need to get a new phone. I didn’t think my BlackBerry was that old, but now things are obsolete in no time. So, I’m going to upgrade to an Iphone.

No doubt I will be able to get Twitter on it easily, along with Facebook and the screen will be bigger and a bunch of other stuff, but I have to deal with another fact of life – learning how to use a new electronic thing.

Remember when installing a clock radio meant plugging it in and turning a dial to set the time?

How do you feel about getting a new device?


Planner said...

New devices are exciting and scary all at once, and they can represent a big time commitment. Once you get to be friends with the device and understand each other, life is more peaceful. Sometimes, the new device is intimidated by your feelings toward the old device, as you might mourn the loss of a favorite feature or two.

As far as your BlackBerry--if you're not really ready to switch yet, try an Internet search to your BlackBerry model and "Twitter" or perhaps "forum." If you can find a discussion forum, you can usually pose your question and explain the problems you're experiencing. Chances are someone else tried to do exactly what you are trying to do and may have found a solution.

Happy New Device!

Betty Hechtman said...

Planner, I think I'd rather invest the time in learning how to use a new phone than wrestling with my BlackBerry. The promise of a bigger screen, a better camera and easy dealing with Facebook and Twitter sound very appealing.

Planner said...

Onward and upward! Enjoy!