Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Brrrrrrr, Cold!

Riddle: What is the same characteristic of each of these words: Coughing, Thirsty, Defiant?

I suppose one characteristic might be related to my condition this morning. I have a cold. I'm coughing, thirsty, and determined to overcome. But that's not the answer called for.

My husband has been fighting a really awful cold for over a week, and I've been drinking plenty of fluids, taking vitamin C, vitamin D, and Wal-Born (which, by the way, is delicious) in an attempt to stave it off. Yet I started feeling this tickle in the back of my throat on Monday, and woke up this morning stuffy, coughing, and in fine baritone voice. Rats.

I haven't had a cold for years. There is a theory that there are thousands of cold viruses, and that catching one makes you immune to that particular virus. That's why young children seem to have cold after cold and old people rarely catch one – they've already caught all there are. But viruses mutate readily and sooner or later you'll run across a new variety and cough, cough, blow there you are!

My agent thinks I can finish The Drowning Spool in April, and so I guess I will – her faith in me is reassuring, and, pretty soon, under contract. This book is well plotted, I feel better than usual about its twists and turns, so unless a character jumps up and grabs control, it should move swiftly and smoothly along. (Shall we all join in a chorus of laughter? It's not at all unusual for a character to do that to me.) The needlework focus of this book will be punch needle, and I've got this darling pattern of a baby chick standing among Easter eggs that I'm working on. Punch needle is relatively easy, just my speed for the thick state my mind is in right now.

I am disappointed that there has been no announcement of the results of the mDNA test on the bones of the skeleton found in Leicester. Is it Richard III or not? Inquiring minds want to know!

By the way, it's ten below here this morning.  Seriously.

Answer to Riddle: Each has three successive letters of the alphabet in it. CouGHIng, ThiRSTy, DEFiant


Kate said...

I feel for you. I am at the other end of a cold, that just doesn't seem to want to go away. I have been looking for sympathy for over a week, now, but my family decided early on that I was just being dramatic, so they are just ignoring me.

Christine Thresh said...

I've been watching the weather reports about your area. It must be terrible. I am feeling so cold here in California and it is only 28 degrees in the morning.

Linda O. Johnston said...

When we were talking on our hands-free in our car today to someone in Ohio with a high of ten degrees, our car thermometer read seventy-one degrees. But L.A.'s weather is ever-changeable. Rain later this week! I hope you and yhour husband get over your colds quickly, Monica.

Betty Hechtman said...

Sorry about your cold, Monica. And your cold weather. It seems like winter finally came to the midwest just as the cold weather left here. No more frost on the grass in the morning. We had a balmy 70 something with sunshine.