Sunday, June 9, 2013

Natural Remedy of the Week: Fish Oil

Released: 6/5/2013 12:05 AM EDT
Source Newsroom: Michigan Technological University
Newswise — Fish oil supplements may protect the heart in stressful situations, according to a recent study. Jason Carter, a researcher at Michigan Technological University, conducted the study with 67 healthy volunteer test participants in their 20s. Over a 2-month period, they were either given nine grams of fish oil pills or nine grams of olive oil as a placebo.
The test subjects were screened for heart rate, blood pressure and other related metrics. At the end of the test period, both groups took a mental arithmetic test that involved adding and subtracting numbers in their head. Their stress response was measured at that time.
Those in the fish oil group showed blunted heart rate reactivity while they were stressed compared to those who took olive oil," said Carter. "Similarly, the total [muscle sympathetic nerve activity] reactivity to mental stress was also blunted in the fish oil group.” There was not much difference between the two groups at rest, however.
Results of the study were published in the May edition of theAmerican Journal of Physiology – Regulatory, Integrative, and Comparative Physiology. It is available online at
Interesting huh? Good brands of non-contaminated, pure fish oil include Nordic Naturals, which is what I like to take. BUT please, talk to your doctor or health practitioner about what is right for you!  
Here are some links with reliable, unbiased information about fish oil supplements: 
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Linda O. Johnston said...

I've heard good things about fish oil, Chrystle, but when I tried taking some I tasted the fish. I need to try again with a better kind!

Linda said...

Thanks for the reminder about fish oil; I just bought some by Natrol that smells like lemon and I'm looking forward to trying it out.

Anonymous said...

I have been struggling with depression for a very long time - and even more so with prescription remedies for it. I finally decided to try herbals, and find that a dose of fish-flax-borage, ginko-biloba, and St. John's Wort morning and night works far better than the prescriptions.