Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Nonstop Spaniels

I have a new book out as of yesterday.  Actually, it’s a novella.  And it’s the first of my mysteries to be e-published! 

It’s called Nonstop Spaniels, and its theme is NKLA--No Kill Los Angeles, which is an initiative of Best Friends Animal Society.  The idea behind NKLA is to get all shelters, even public ones, to stop killing healthy pets.  I enjoyed the research a lot, especially when I learned the amount of success they’ve achieved already--although they still have a long way to go.

The idea behind Nonstop Spaniels is that my protagonist Lauren Vancouver has to figure out why a veterinarian who also owns a pet shelter won’t join NKLA--and to prove that her good friend Dr. Carly Stellan isn’t the one who ultimately murders that vet. 

I sometimes wonder what my own dogs Lexie and Mystie would think if they understood the kinds of things I write about.  Pet rescue?  What’s that, mom?  I got both of my Cavaliers from reputable breeders.  That was before I started researching, and volunteering in, pet rescue.  My pups are also fur-kids of empty nesters, so they don’t even know what it’s like to have human children taking priority in our household.  I’m just as glad they don’t know.  I’d rather just spoil them and never have them know how hard it is for some other pets to find loving homes. 

I was delighted that two different people mentioned the release of Nonstop Spaniels on Facebook.  One of them also mentioned that my next full-length Pet Rescue Mystery Teacup Turbulence is now up on Amazon and will be a January 2014 release.  I wasn’t aware that Amazon had a page for it already, so I learned something fun!

I did, by the way, have a couple of novellas published in e-format by Harlequin as Nocturne Bites, part of my Alpha Force miniseries about a covert military force of shapeshifters.  One of them was subsequently included in a print anthology called Awakening the Beast.  These shifters weren’t canine, unlike most of my Alpha Force stories. 

Oh, and I received a complaint from a fan who only likes to read print books.  She was concerned she would miss something important in the series by not reading Nonstop Spaniels.  I assured her that each of my stories is a stand-alone and that anything a new reader needs to know is in whatever book in the series he or she starts with.
And that includes e-novellas. 

How about you--do you like to read novellas in a series?  Do you prefer print or e-format, or both?  And what’s your opinion of no-kill pet shelters?


Betty Hechtman said...

Goldy came from a no kill shelter. She was there for a long time and seemed to have missed out on how to bond with people.

Linda O. Johnston said...

I suppose it depends on the no kill shelter as well as the dog's background before rescue. Where I volunteer, a lot of people work on trying to socialize the dogs and cats, and fortunately most of the time they're successful. Goldy's not bonding with you must have made it hard for you and for her.

Chrystle Fiedler said...

The two words Kill and Shelter have no reason to be together as they are diametrically opposed. I often think of these poor animals and it really upsets me. I wish I could do more to help. I do have a rescue doxie and two rescue kitties. If I had a bigger house and more money I would adopt more! Good for you for helping Linda! I'd love to do something all together to help animals! Let's discuss!

Linda O. Johnston said...

Would love to discuss possibilities with you, Chrystle! congrats on the rescued members of your family. Did you know that Tuesday is Just One Day--a day where all shelters are being asked by No Kill Nation not to kill any animals?