Wednesday, February 12, 2014


I'm finally getting around to having books in my backlist republished in e-format.  The first one will be THE GLASS SLIPPER, initially published by Dorchester's Love Spell line in 1996.

With a title like that, it won't surprise you that the book is a fairy tale romance, my own update of the Cinderella story.  For this one, at least, I'm not going to make any changes to the text since most of it takes place in a small, fictional country and the technology references aren't too bad--primarily phone calls to other countries and within the castle without using cell phones.  Even so, it's a "vintage" story.

I'm having a new cover created.  Plus, I have to get the book scanned for e-formatting.  It was written long enough ago that even if I happen to have saved it in computer format, the only form I might be able to find it in is an ancient huge disk that none of my current computers could read.

I did reread the story, of course.  It had been years since I'd done so.  I certainly had fun with it.  I hope new readers do, too. 

I was told that it had been pirated on a "library" website but fortunately that site knew that authors who discovered their theft would want their work removed.  It appears, fortunately, that they have removed the text of THE GLASS SLIPPER from their site.

And since fairy tales seem back to being in vogue, judging by the TV shows that include them--some popular and others less so, of course--I'm hoping that romance readers will give this one a try.

How about you--are you a fairy tale fan?  An e-book fan? 

And what do you think of online piracy?


Betty Hechtman said...

It is very frustrating to see my books on free file sharing sites. Not all of them make it easy to contact them to have them take them down.

Great that you are putting your earlier book out. The whole fairy tale thing does seem to be very popular now.

Monica Ferris said...

The Internet and electronic scanning have made piracy a lot easier. Some years back someone had to go to the trouble of Zeroxing my first published novel in order to sell copies of it. It was a clumsy and ugly effort and she stopped as soon as she was told what she was doing was illegal.

Tracy Weber said...

I'm not up on pirating, so I can't comment on that. But great that you're getting your backlist published!