Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Untechie Me

I'm a computer addict.  Of course.  I'd imagine that's true of most writers these days.  But do I know what I'm doing?  Well, somewhat. 

I've been writing using desktop computers for quite a while.  I also use a laptop for convenience, primarily when I'm not at home.  And, yes, I have a smart phone that helps not only to keep in touch with people but also for research when I'm not near a computer. 

This week, I've taken another step toward using the latest technology for my writing and otherwise.

I've never used a tablet computer before, but I bought a hybrid that's like a laptop.  Its keyboard folds completely around and the screen can be used as a tablet.   

So, yes, that's something new to me.  And I admit that the versions of Word and other programs I use are fairly antique.  Now, I need to learn the newest version along with all the icons and such that are common to tablets.   

That intimidates me.

It wouldn't always have done so.  In fact, I'd been writing fiction on a computer at home even before I began my in-house position as a real estate attorney years ago, when we relied on our secretaries to do all the computer work.  There were a couple of circulating computers that we could use and I commandeered one most of the time.  As a result, when my company started giving the attorneys desktop computers to use, I was one of the last to get one since I already had something to work with. 

I learned then to use the word processing programs that my company used--Word Perfect at first, and later Word.  Both worked out fine for my writing. 

Then the versions of Word started to change.  I changed mine, too, somewhat.  But I didn't always have the latest version.  And recently, when damage inflicted by malware meant I had to get a new hard drive, the version of Word that got loaded onto it was even older than the one I'd been used to.  I'm still using that one now. 

Which may mean that learning the most current version I got with my new tablet-hybrid is going to be even harder! 

I'll have to start working on it soon, a little at a time.  I can't just dive into it since, with upcoming deadlines, I need to spend more time writing than learning.  Or at least that's my excuse.  But when I do learn it, I'll have it installed on my desktop, too, so I can just use one version at a time. 

For now, though, as I said, I'm a bit intimidated.  But I'll meet, and enjoy the challenge... eventually!

How about you--are you comfortable with the technology you use?


Betty Hechtman said...

There has been a huge chance in later versions of Word. I prefer the 2003 version, but have made friends with the 2010 version.

Though I still use WordPerfect for writing. Then when it's time to turn something in, I just save it as a Word document.

I'm guessing you have Windows 8 on your new laptop/tablet. That's a whole other thing to get use to. Good luck!

Linda O. Johnston said...

So far I've still been avoiding trying any of it, Betty, but I'm going to have to start soon!