Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Save the Bunny!

On curves ahead
Remember, Sonny,
That rabbit’s foot
Didn’t save the bunny.
Burma Shave

These are the best of times, these are the worst of times.

Best: I’m becoming more convinced that this project of making a movie of Knight Fall (its title in paperback; the hardcover is Murder At the War) is going to happen.  I brought a script writer into the mix, and he and the producer hit it off famously.  Both appear wonderfully competent.  They have decided it might be worth the effort to film at least part of the movie at The Great Pennsic War in 2016, but will go there in 2015 to “scout” it – look at what it is, what it will offer, take the temperature of the event to see if it’s even possible.  I have rejoined the Society for Creative Anachronism to smooth the connections between Third Hemisphere and the SCA.  This all is tremendously exciting and wonderful – and not a little scary.

Worst: China is stealthily taking over the seas around it and making ugly faces at Hong Kong and Japan; Russia’s Putin is stealtily invading Ukraine; ISIS is growing daily more powerful and terrifying.  And our government doesn’t seem to have a clue.  Somebody needs to read this to them: http://www.kiplingsociety.co.uk/poems_copybook.htm.  FYI, Copybook Headings were little sayings at the tops of pages in British school notebooks.

Meanwhile, I’m still making plans to travel to England next March to watch the Anglican church do its magnificent best to give King Richard III his long-delayed burial.  The Archbishop of Canterbury will officiate.  Maybe I’m crazy; maybe we’re all crazy.


Linda O. Johnston said...

How great that your film is progressing, Monica. And I always love visiting England. It's where I first fell in love with Cavalier King Charles Spaniels!

Betty Hechtman said...

How exciting about the film project. Yes, there is lots of bad stuff out there and we seem to get it in immediate detail with picture.