Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Working on my Superstition Mysteries Launch!

            New series.  New publisher.  New craziness! 

            As I've said here before, my Superstition Mysteries will debut in October with LOST UNDER A LADDER.  I've been working on launching the series with parties and blogs and more. 

            Years ago, when I started getting books published, I did parties and signings and such to try to get the word out about my books.  But these days I've been learning a lot more by talking to and watching other people.  Or at least I'm attempting to. 

            I have a physical launch party scheduled at the Flintridge Bookstore in Flintridge, California, on Sunday, November 2, at 3 PM.  The book will have been available for a few weeks then but that was the best date and time I could work out, at a store where I attended a friend's launch party a while ago that I really loved.  If you happen to be in the Los Angeles area then, please drop in!  There'll be refreshments, plus a drawing for a basket containing some superstition-related swag. 

            I'm also doing an online launch party on Facebook on Sunday, October 12, at 1 PM Eastern time and 10 AM here in California.  Here's the link:            There was initially a glitch about looking at it but I think it works just fine now.  Even so, if you're interested but can't join, post something on my Facebook page and I'll try to invite you.  And yes, there'll be giveaways resulting from that party, too--a couple of copies of LOST UNDER A LADDER plus more superstition-related swag. 

            I'm also blogging on some great blogsites, including participating in another Great Escapes blog tour. I'll be on local panels and non-local mystery festivals and more.

            Will it all work and help word get out there so people will know about, and hopefully buy, copies of LOST UNDER A LADDER?  I hope so.  And by the way, reading the Superstition Mysteries is good luck!  (I hope that's true, but I also hope people will recognize that as promotional hyperbole.  I certainly wish good luck for everyone but of course I can't guarantee it!)

            Anyway, as I said, LOST UNDER A LADDER is an October release.  The publisher is Midnight Ink.  Amazon says it's available on October 8, but of course it's available now for preorder.   

            Please wish me luck with it!


Tracy Weber said...

I can't wait for this book to be available! Good luck on your launch!

Linda O. Johnston said...

Thanks, Tracy. I can't wait either!

Betty Hechtman said...

Good luck with your launch, Linda. How exciting that you are having an event at a bookstore. I hope you sell lots of books.

Linda O. Johnston said...

Thanks, Betty. My fingers are crossed that I do sell a lot of books!

Monica Ferris said...

There are a lot of superstitious people in the world - and a lot of people who make fun of them. This could be a best-selling series.

Linda O. Johnston said...

I'd love it if you're right, Monica. My fingers are crossed about that, too. I have a feeling my fingers might get sore!