Wednesday, October 8, 2014

I'm Turning Upside Down

Today is the official launch date of LOST UNDER THE LADDER, my first Superstition Mystery!   

I think it's been available on Kindle and other e-sources before, and copies were sent out or made available as an online galley via NetGalley for reviews.  I received two print copies so far and hope my author's copies are on their way.  And I was especially excited to see a bunch of print copies at the Sisters in Crime Los Angeles Chapter meeting this weekend when I was on a panel.  They were brought by our usual bookseller, from Mystery Ink. 

As I'm sure you've no doubt, based on my other recent blogs here, I've been keeping quite busy promoting the new series, and that promo isn't ending anytime soon.

But meanwhile Book #2 in the Superstition Mysteries is due at the end of this month.  I've finished a reasonable draft and am letting it sit for a while, and then I'll conduct a final read before I send it off.

So what am I doing now?  As I said in the heading for this blog, I'm turning upside down!

Well, not literally.  But the next book for which I have a deadline is one of my Harlequin Nocturnes, about Alpha Force--a covert military unit of shapeshifters.

My mind's been immersed in pet mysteries and superstitions for a while, so that's why it's needing to make a turn.  I'm rereading the proposal for the first of the two Nocturnes in my three-book Harlequin contract.  (The third is for another Harlequin Romantic Suspense novel.)  I'm also rereading some of my own Alpha Force books not only to put me in the shapeshifter mood but to remind me of the characters and tone of that series. 

The tone in the Harlequin books is different from my mysteries.  They're told in third person so I can get into the hero's and heroine's point of view--including when one of them has shapeshifted!  My mysteries are all first person in the female protagonist's point of view.  The mysteries are cozies so the murders are not graphic and any love scene is off the page.  I don't get into a lot of gory details in the Nocturnes, either... but they are romances and do contain love scenes. 

So, yes, I'm turning and switching and changing my mind so it goes in a different direction.   

But that's part of the fun of writing!