Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Those Cough Drop Brothers

Although we’ve sold
Six million others
We still can’t sell
Those cough drop brothers
Burma Shave

Have you seen the Smith Brothers cough drop commercial?  A descendent of one of the originals appears – and he’s wearing a big, thick beard very much in the style of his famous ancestor!  I guess beards are really back.

I liked their licorice cough drops so much when I was a kid, I almost looked forward to getting a cold.

I have almost nothing to report this week.  I have a vague idea how I’m going to start Ebenezer’s Christmas Yarn, but that’s all.  The author of the screenplay of Murder At the War, aka Knight Fall, is coming by on Thursday and we’re going over it together.  I’ve already written some notes on it – he’s got a deft touch with the story, and I have very few suggestions for changes.

The weather yesterday was weird.  We broke a high temperature at four in the morning for the date – fifty-two degrees – but by nightfall the wind was howling and the light rain was turning to sleet.  This morning there’s some snow on the ground and it’s barely twenty degrees.  Roller coaster weather!


Anonymous said...

Will you include one of those creches you talked about in your last post?

Linda O. Johnston said...

I really like cough drops, Monica. I've got mild allergies that tickle my throat now and then, and cough drops really help. I hope I see that Smith Brothers commercial!

Betty Hechtman said...

I am afraid that when I was a kid I thouight of cough drops as candy. I think they were displayed that way. I loved the wild cherry ones and I liked the Smith Brother licorice ones as well.

I think things were a lot looser about over the counter drugs in those days. I wonder how muc cough medication was in them and what kind. I don't think there was a warning on the box like I am pretty sure is now about not taking more than a cerain amount in a 24 period. I used to down the whole box.