Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Valentine's Day Approaches

Today is February 11.  This year, Valentine's Day is on Saturday.  It's all about romance--and as you know, I write romances as well as mysteries.   

Since my mysteries include my Superstition Mystery series, I had to look up superstitions surrounding Valentine's Day.  There are a lot of them, including how you can meet your future spouse.  Supposedly, the first name you read in the newspaper or hear on TV or the radio will be the same as that of the person you will marry.  I don't recall that happening when I met my husband, though. 

If you find a glove on the sidewalk on Valentine's Day, your true love will be carrying its mate.  Of course here in L.A., where I live, not too many people are wearing gloves, but I know that a lot of you living elsewhere in the country are happy to have gloves on in the cold and snow. 

Watch out for birds.  The kind you see could help to predict the sort of person you'll marry, or so people have believed.  For example, goldfinches mean money, sparrows mean poverty yet happiness, and doves lead to peaceful, happy marriages. 

Should you happen to see a squirrel on Valentine's Day, you'll unfortunately marry a cheapskate who'll not spend money on you.  Good thing I'm already married to a wonderful guy, since we frequently have squirrels appear in our backyard.  Oh, and by the way, Valentine's Day is actually the anniversary of the day we got engaged, quite a few years ago now. 

But if any of those superstitions, or others, have come true for you, I'd love for you to let me know! 

Tomorrow night I'm moderating a panel of romance writers at the Flintridge Bookstore in La Canada Flintridge, California.  It's at 7PM, so if you happen to be in the area be sure to drop in! 

So Happy Valentine's Day to all of you.  My fingers are crossed that you have, or will find, your true love in your life.


Amulya Srivastav said...

Valentine’s Day is near which is going to celebrate on February 14, 2015 for which all the people in love are excited and planning to celebrate the beautiful moment with their partner.
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Monica Ferris said...

Very little is known of the early Christian martyr St. Valentine, and none of the apocryphal stories about him have to do with romantic love - except one, which says he waa a priest who married Christian couples at a time when aiding them was a crime. In England St. Valentine's Day is supposed to be the day that birds choose their mates for the season.

Linda O. Johnston said...

Thanks for the comment, Amulya. And thank you for the background and further superstitions, Monica!

Betty Hechtman said...

I hope your panel is a success. Having a romance panel so close to Valentine's Day sounds like a great idea.