Friday, March 27, 2015

A Short Post

It was snowing when I left Chicago last week and then it was back to summer like weather in L.A. The first pass pages of WOUND UP IN MURDER were waiting for me. The pages are laid out just like the book. My job is to proof read and make a few very minor changes.

This is the last time I will see WOUND UP IN MURDER before it comes out in July. The last time before it is out in the world.

I am working on the tenth Crochet Mystery. I had given it a tentative title, but I knew it might not stick. I heard my editor that another publisher has a book with the same title coming out this year. She asked me for a list of alternatives. There was a lot of going back and forth and they had a meeting. So the title for Crochet Mystery #10 is official. It’s SEAMS LIKE MURDER. We also decided on the title for the fourth Yarn Retreat Mystery. That’s the one I’m writing the synopsis for. At least now I can write GONE WITH THE WOOL on the top of the first page.

One of the concerns my editor and publisher have is trying to keep the titles of my two series separate. The style of the covers for each series is different to help keep them separate, too.

I always wondered how writers juggled working on different books at the same time, let alone different series. I think it has to do with having a clear picture of the different stories and characters. I am surprised that I am finding it easier than I expected.

I am out of words, so that is it for this week....


Linda O. Johnston said...

Keeping detailed lists of characters, settings and more on the computer helps me write multiple series at once. And congrats on finding the right name for Crochet Mystery #10!

Planner said...

I love the clever titles of your books. I'm glad you're able to keep everything straight--it sounds like a challenge to me!

Betty Hechtman said...

Linda, that's a great idea!

Betty Hechtman said...

Planner, the titles seem to be a group effort. Some of my possible titles didn't go very far. I don't think anybody liked Captain of the Hook.