Friday, September 4, 2015

Time Out

I can’t be the only person surprised that it is September. This weekend is Labor Day which sort of marks the end of summer even though the first day of fall isn’t until later in the month. I just keep thinking where did summer go?

Maybe it seems that way because the weather was hardly summer like during my trip to Chicago in July and the one last week to Appleton and Chicago. I wore a jacket in Chicago during the July trip. I was expecting to sweat and I was almost shivering. It was downright chilly in Appleton and only in the 70s in Chicago.

I certainly wasn’t complaining. I thought the fall like weather was much better than sweating in hot humidity.

Here in Southern California, we had a number of summer rain storms, which is pretty unusual. They weren’t enough to end the drought, but enough to remind me that we need a new roof before our real rainy season begins. Everyone seems to be predicting that we are really going to get a rainy season this year.

Costco has had the Halloween stuff out for a long time and I saw the beginning of some Christmas baskets. Time is going by too fast.

I would just like to be bored for a little while. It would make time seem to slow down. I’d like to watch a pot of water waiting to boil. We all know how long that seems to take. Maybe I should go find a line to wait in and watch the seconds slow to a crawl. Or find a slow boat to China.

Anything to make a moment last a little longer.


Linda O. Johnston said...

A writer get bored? Not with our active imaginations always at work!

Betty Hechtman said...

Linda, that's the problem. I know I can never get bored, even if it would slow down time.

Planner said...

I believe someone is speeding up the master clock. It feels like the year only just started!