Friday, March 11, 2016

Book Covers

No sooner sent in the corrections for the galley pages of GONE WITH THE WOOL, when my editor sent the art work for audio version of HOOKED ON MURDER. Shortly after that she sent the proposed cover for HOOKING FOR TROUBLE.

All these titles and books are getting a little confusing even for me. The art work for the audio version of HOOKED ON MURDER is pretty much the same as the book, only on the back there is a photo of me a and the actress who will do the reading.

I think the art department did a spectacular job on the cover of HOOKING FOR TROUBLE. I have mentioned before that the plot has to do with things Molly sees going on in the yard behind hers where a huge house has recently been built. It just so happens a huge house was recently built in the yard behind mine and might have been a bit of the inspiration for it :-).

Based only on my description they came up with something that looks a lot like the house behind mine. Unlike the one in the book, no one is living there yet. In fact they just put it on the market last week. Will anyone ever realize that a fictional murder took place there? Below is the view through my fence.

I am awaiting the edits on HOOKING FOR TROUBLE. I know they will come any day and then I’ll have maybe two weeks to go over the manuscript. In the meantime I have come up with another pattern to include. I had already put in a pattern for a scarf done with Tunisian crochet, but then I had Molly teach somebody how to crochet and have them make a simple beanie. When I first taught myself how to crochet I made a beanie. It was also the only project I made until many years later when I found the kids’ kit to make granny squares.

It took a few tries and different yarns before I came up with a pattern I was happy with. When I get the edits back, the pattern will get included. The amazing thing is it takes only about $1.25 worth of yarn and not too much time.

I have gotten some nice notes from readers lately. It always makes me happy when they say one of my books gave them an escape from a bad week or from not feeling good. My truest wish is that readers have a smile when they finish one of my books.


Planner said...

The book covers and beanie look great! I'm excited about the audio version of your book, but, you know, I didn't realize publishers still produce CD audiobooks. I thought they were all digital downloads these days.

I think your readers have a smile on their faces all the way through your books. At least, this one sure does! Your books are pure fun!

Linda O. Johnston said...

How fun that you've based a murder scene on a real house, Betty. I wonder what whoever buys it would think about that if they ever learn.

Betty Hechtman said...

Planner, I'm glad my books give you a smile!

Betty Hechtman said...


The house behind me is having an open house today, so I went to check it out. Amazingly, it looks inside as I'd imagined it. I didn't say a word about the fictitious murder that takes place there to the real estate person.

S. B. Helm said...

I always look forward to the next book with the Tarzana Hookers. And I've tried some of the patterns in them. The pet mat one is a favorite of mine to make for shelter pets.

Betty Hechtman said...

S.B., I really like the pet mat, too. My cat sleeps on it every night.