Thursday, March 24, 2016

Creating Beauty from Devastation


I borrowed the title of today's blog from the Facebook post of one of my favorite yogis, Jillian Cobo.  She attended  fundraiser I held on Sunday for the Greenwood Neighborhood--the neighborhood of my yoga studio and only 14 blocks from my home--which was devastated two and half weeks ago  by a natural gas explosion.

In spite of the devastation, there are always blessings.  Over 50 businesses and homes were damaged, several completely destroyed. But there were no severe injuries or deaths. That's probably the most important miracle we could have hoped for.  The most beautiful miracle is how people in the neighborhood have come together to support the individuals impacted by the explosion.

Reconstruction is already beginning.  Windows are being replaced.  The stark brown plywood panels of those still missing have been decorated by murals, most of which (like the three below) are wonderfully appropriate for the businesses they decorate.  The community will rebuild.  Of that I have no doubt.




The yoga teachings have a concept called sangha--community.  The drawing together of people with united intentions.  Sangha has been wonderfully present in my neighborhood these last two weeks.

Many businesses, including mine, have pulled together to raise funds.  Whole Life Yoga's fundraiser today reunited me with yogis I hadn't seen in a very long time and introduced me to new friends.  In three short classes we raised over $1500.  As always, my students make me proud.


I know many of my friends and students have donated via the Phinney Neighborhood Center's donation link, and those donations aren't included in the $1500 total.  But all of the money goes to the same fund and will be distributed to those who need it most.  If you'd like to help out , you can still do so at this link.

Thank you all!

Tracy Weber

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Linda O. Johnston said...

Those murals are cute, Tracy. How wonderful that those whose businesses were affected have found a way to do something charming and not just mourn the devastation.

Tracy Weber said...

The whole neighborhood has come together. Volunteers painted the murals. So cool!

Face Painter Bristol said...

This is so lovely, painting often brings people together, Im a professional face painter so love anything like this, great blog!

Massage Glastonbury said...

What a great idea, for the community. I run community based massage projects so this is right up my street.

Silkie Chickens said...

Great blog, Good work guys XX