Friday, July 29, 2016

Another Apple

I am definitely not one of the people who stares at the screen on their phone all the time. Mine is generally in my purse, which means that I don’t always hear it ring, and even if I do, by the time I get it out, it has stopped ringing.

For the same reason I miss the ding that means a text has come in and the dong that an email has arrived. I watch the women at my gym who are literally looking at their phones during a Zumba class and I laugh. What could be so important?

That’s not to say that I don’t check emails, texts, and voice mail. It is just I have no interest in checking them constantly. I like to be where I am when I’m there.

It might be fine for me, but not for those trying to get in touch with me. It’s not that I’m so important. I think they are just impatient.

So, when the watch/heart rate monitor I used in my gym classes died, my son convinced me that an Apple watch was the way to go. Not only would it offer me the ability to check my heart rate, but it had so many other features as well.

Off we went to the Apple Store. The Apple Store offers something unique these days - service. So when we told one of the associates I was interested in an Apple Watch, we got a whole dog and pony show. So many choices! There were two sizes of watch faces, countess choices of bands. Lots of choices of prices, like from around $300 to $20,000. I went for the most basic model and got one just like my daughter in laws. Rose gold with a lilac band. With that out of the way, there was the set up.

Even though the store was closing, the associate took me through the whole process which took over a half an hour. The watch works off my phone, so they had to be matched up. And then I found out all the other things the watch could do. I can answer my phone on the watch and talk into it. I get emails and texts and can send texts. I can connect it to a credit card and pay for things. My son was all smiles, no more missed calls because I didn’t hear my phone, or ignored texts because I didn’t see them. The watch vibrates on my wrist when anything comes in.

And yes, it does tell the time, the date, the outdoor temperature and how much of the battery is left. It also tracks how many steps I’ve taken, reminds me to stand up every hour. There is a timer and an alarm clock and a lot of other stuff I’ll probably never use. It is even pretty easy to deal with.

My whole family was comfortable that I would now be at their beck and call. LOL! I was at Costco and my husband and I got separated. He had an arm load of stuff and I had the cart. So, he called me. Did I hear it or feel it on my wrist? Nope. I was too busy looking around. I think I’m just hopeless about being forever connected. We found each other the old fashioned way, with our eyes


Linda O. Johnston said...

You definitely sound like a techie, Betty, at least in comparison with me! Have fun with your new watch.

Betty Hechtman said...

Linda, me, a techie? LOL It was kind of funny - the associate (a guy in his twenties) who showed me the set up, said something as I was leaving about how good it was that I was stepping outside my comfort zone. In other words, it was amazing an old gal like me was getting a high tech watch.

I will say that Apple products are pretty intuitive once you get down the basics. And they offer unlimited free classes in their stores.

Miriam Lubet said...

Congratulations on you new watch.