Sunday, July 17, 2016

My Favorite Crafting Tool Might Surprise You

Because it isn't glue or a ruler or a craft knife.

It's Google.

When I'm trying to make something--anything!--I've found that googling that item is sure to improve my results.

1. Tutorials -- You can find tutorials on almost any subject these days. YouTube has tons of them, but there are also written directions galore. I even downloaded a free book on amigurumi, the Japanese art of  knitting or crocheting small stuffed toys with an emphasis on cute. Here it is:

2. Freebies -- All sorts of cool artwork is available for personal use. Miniaturists love "printies," the word we use for printable items. Here's just one example:

You can find a ton of these on my Pinterest page at

3. Tools -- Did you know that you can find graph paper on the Internet and print it out? Go to

4. Patterns -- I love making my own patterns. Here are two good sites:  (for charting knitting, cross-stitch, etc.) and  and my all-time favorite

5. Images -- Often all I need is a really good image, preferably a 360-degree view. That's where Google images prove invaluable. Looking at various photos/pictures of a heart, I constructed one to put in this dome. Then I switched and looked at brains. Next I checked out Venus Fly Trap plants and mortar and pestle combinations. Here's what I created...

Okay, your turn. What would you like to see me make for my dollhouse? What cool tools have you found on the Internet?

Top left, heart; top, right, gargoyle/imp; second row, right, cow skull; second row, left, Venus Fly Traps and moss; third row, far right, mortar and pestle; third row, middle, brain; and third row, left, plaque. 


Linda O. Johnston said...

Google is certainly helpful for all sorts of stuff!

Joanna Slan said...

How did we ever write without it?

Christine Verstraete said...

Holy cow, that heart is great!

Amy said...

Been searching for table patterns. May end up combining ideas. The search is half the fun.

Joanna Slan said...

Thank you, Chris~

Joanna Slan said...

Amy, I'd love to see what you favor.