Thursday, August 11, 2016

Love, Loss, and Moving On.

Today's post will be short and sweet.  I've had a rough time the last few months.  My mom died of cancer last October.  My beloved dog Tasha, who inspired German shepherd Bella in my series, died in late July, likely also of cancer, though we can't know for sure.  That same day, my best friend from high school, who inspired Rene in my series, died as well.

To say I'm heartbroken would be severely understating it. 

Life must, however, go on.  What other choice is there?  Certainly none that my mom, Tasha, or my friend Michelle would have wanted for me.

So I'm taking some time, gathering my thoughts, and figuring out how to move forward.  This little girl will be part of my healing.

Her name is Ana, short for Ananda, which in Sanskrit means unending joy.  That is what I hope for her.

Send us luck and look for our adventures on Facebook.  I'll post more photos here as we grow together.

Tracy Weber


Miss Merry said...

My sympathy on all your losses. I am so sorry you have had such sadness. Your new puppy is adorable and I hope she helps you heal.

BVLawson said...

So sorry to hear about the tragedies that have hit you so close together. Having lost a couple of beloved family members recently, I understand what you mean by "life must go on." Ana truly is one adorable furball of love, and I hope she can help you find peace and joy for your present and future.

Tracy Weber said...

Thank you, Miss Merry and BVLawson. Sadness is an indelible part of life--sort of the counterpose to happiness. And I have had SUCH happiness in my life. More to come every day. ;-)

Linda O. Johnston said...

So much to deal with, in so short a time. Hugs to you and of course to Ana!

Tracy Weber said...

Thanks, Linda!