Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Fore Again

I just can't help but add this report:  I played a round of par-three, nine-hole golf yesterday in Burnsville at the Birnamwood course.  We used an electric cart, but I did a fair amount of walking.  And I played better than I thought I would.  Some solid drives - got on the green in one stroke one time, played over a massive sand trap (instead of dropping my ball into it, which I halfway expected) another.  My putting wasn't very good - but my putting is usually not very good.  And summer isn't over until tomorrow, so I made my goal of playing a round before the end of summer!

Life is sweet.


Anonymous said...

Got me thinking: golf and crows -- plot of a future Betsy mystery?

Monica Ferris said...

A crow figured in the plot of Knitting Bones. The creature saved Betsy's life. I based that incident on an event in my own life where I was given temporary custody of a one-winged adult crow who was not tame, not afraid of me or our cats, and altogether convinced he'd be fine if I'd just turn him loose.

Linda O. Johnston said...

Glad you did so well!