Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Law To Save Dogs

Last week I wrote about loving dogs.  I had so much fun doing that... as always! 

And those of you who know much about me know that I'm an officially inactive attorney.
Those two interests came together this week when I learned that a law has been signed by the governor of California making it legal for people to break windows to save pets that are trapped in cars in the heat.

On Monday this week I visited Santa Monica, a nearby city along the ocean, and my car showed that the temperature was over a hundred even in an area theoretically cooler than many--certainly cooler than my home in the Valley.  If anyone were to leave a dog in a car for nearly any time at all anywhere around here, it could die. 

Now, there are conditions under the new law, such as needing to contact the authorities, and staying by the car till they arrive, but no one can be prosecuted for saving an animal's life that way.

A few months ago I did find a dog inappropriately locked inside a car in hot weather in a local retail parking lot.  At the time, he didn't appear to be in immediate danger, but I was still concerned.  I ran around trying to find the shopping center's security people and was unsuccessful.  Fortunately, the owner apparently returned since I saw the car driving away.  I wished I'd been closer then so I could yell at the person, but the main thing was that the dog was hopefully okay.

Will I break a car window now?  Depends on the circumstances.  But it's nice to know I can do it legally.

Meanwhile, as I mentioned last week, October is approaching, and that's when UNLUCKY CHARMS, my next Superstition Mystery, will be published. The promotional events I mentioned then have begun.  I really had a great time at the panel at the Woman's Club of Hollywood.  The Women of Intrigue event is next weekend, I'm being interviewed online by Duquesne Law School's magazine--my law school alma mater--and my blog tour is fast approaching.  All fun!

And though the weather here in LA is supposed to start cooling down, I'll keep my eyes open anyway for pets inappropriately locked in cars.


GBPool said...

I carry a glass breaker used for such an occasion in my car. All people have to do is sit five minutes in a closed car on a hot day to see how hot it gets. I bet they don't make it two minutes before they get out. Ovens should heat up that fast. Great post,Linda.

Linda O. Johnston said...

Fantastic idea! And now it's even legal. You're right. A car gets really hot inside really fast. Thanks, GBPool!

Annette said...

I wouldn't think twice about busting a car window to save a dog.

Linda O. Johnston said...

I agree, Annette, and it doesn't hurt that it's now legal in California!