Friday, October 7, 2016

Crazy Salad Day

Today was one of those days when it feels like my life is a crazy salad. I am working on the manuscript for A TANGLED YARN, while at the same time preparing for the release of HOOKING FOR TROUBLE next month. And looking ahead to the next crochet mystery.

And there is my son’s business where I do a number of different jobs. And then there is the regular stuff of life like going to the gym, paying bills, and dealing with food. We have seminars this week, which requires me to switch back and forth from writer to greeter and appointment setter.

There I am checking off names while in the back of mind I’m thinking about clues and how to hide them. I have tried taking my laptop to write during the seminar, but I felt like I needed a moving van to shlep all my stuff. Now I take a note book and as soon as the seminar starts, I hand write until it’s time for me to make the appointments.

I wish it was as easy to change my focus as it is to change hats. It never fails that just as I have to change out of writing mode to business mode, the story keeps going on in my head begging me to keep writing it down.

That is how I end up with scraps of paper everywhere with something to remember scribbled on them.

The coolest thing happened this morning while I was working on A TANGLED YARN. I was in the middle of writing a scene and thought I knew exactly how it was going to go, but then it veered off and suddenly one of the characters did something unexpected. Best of all, it made sense and was something I knew had to happen, just not how I was going to make it happen.

And now I just got home from the seminar and rushed to my computer to buy a plane ticket before the hold I have on it expires. It’s for a business trip my son is taking. I’m the travel agent now, too.

It’s almost midnight. The night has turned chilly, but the air coming in the window feels nice even if it does bring in the sound of the freeway in with it. It’s time for a cup of tea and a chance to kick back and think about doing it all again tomorrow.

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Linda O. Johnston said...

I love how you handle all the things going on in your life, Betty. And isn't it fun when a character does something unanticipated that we then have to deal with in a story?