Friday, March 17, 2017


Sorry for posting this late. I didn't forget. I am just on island time as in Hawaii or Oahu to be more specific. I'm for Left Coast Crime which they describe as more of a fan event than a writers conference. I have been to several and they are always fun.

I am writing this with a view of swaying palm trees and the ocean beyond. I could just look at the view all day.

Last night they had the opening ceremonies out on a lawn overlooking the water. As I was looking at the crowd, I was thinking about something I read in Oprah's magazine a while back. It was about clothes and you could wear something that was just covering for your body or you could dress to express your youness. It is probably a pretty obvious thought, but I had not thought of it exactly that way.

So last evening I was checking out what people were wearing. I don't think anybody was dressed just to cover their bodies, but the differences in how they were dressed were fun to observe. Basically, it was one of two ways - either they were dressed for being in Hawaii, which meant Hawaiian shirts for the men and dresses with a tropical print for the women, or in their standard attire. One woman I spoke with was wearing a woolish looking skirt, a striped shirt and a short blazer style jacket, also woolish looking. Not a surprise that she was here from the Boston area. Her clothes definitely expressed who she was. Another woman's style struck me. I've seen her before at other conferences so I know this is her look. She wears pastel dresses over black leggings.

I, by the way, was wearing my usual sort of attire which is mostly black, stretchy and comfortable. In it's own way it expresses who I am. I like to be comfortable, dressed for whatever the day may bring and kind of blend in the background so I can watch what's going on.

I tend to dress my characters to express who they are. I'm afraid none of my characters get to wear stylish heels because even writing about them makes my feet hurt in sympathy. I try to come up with a look for them, which is probably more consistent than real life. Molly is generally wearing khaki slacks, a shirt and maybe a sweater for work, and I am not likely to suddenly dress her in a sequined mini dress.

One of the characters in the Yarn Retreat series, Madeleine Delacorte is seventy something and has just discovered jeans. I have fun describing all the variations of the pants she wears. The jeans are a hint that she is discovering a whole new world. After leading a sheltered proper life, she is kicking up her heels and exploring a world she never was part of.

I am not going totally stealth in black clothes while I'm here. I did bring some Hawaiian shirts and a bright tee shirt that I consider part of my Hawaii wardrobe. Though actually wearing the tropical look will probably make me blend in even more.



Jeannette said...

While you are there you should check out a Crazy Shirts store. They have nifty casual shirts. I have worn them everywhere. Sometimes layered with a long sleeve shirt when the weather gets cooler.

Linda O. Johnston said...

Hope you're having a great time at LCC. Wish I was there, too!