Monday, April 24, 2017

Miniatures and Writing: Creating and Getting Ideas

Miniatures: The Other Creativity

I'm baaaaack!

Joanna Slan's recent post about her Mid Century Modern mini project inspired me to share what I've been working on.

Did you ever notice that sometimes you’re more creative in one thing than the other? In other words, writing, it seems, can get in the way of your hobby.

The worst thing I’ve noticed is that it results in several projects being started and ongoing in various stages since I get bored and put one aside to do something else. Or in writing, something isn't working how I want, so I switch between projects. But I am determined to finish them and keep at it. 

Writing-wise, I’ve been working on a supernatural-flavored mystery novella set in Lizzie Borden’s hometown. I’ve started the sequel to Lizzie Borden,Zombie Hunter and have a pretty good outline going. Good progress for me. I also have several short stories in the works. I have to say it's fun writing about "my" version of Lizzie and putting her in different scenarios. 

Now I just have to get it all done!

Miniatures is much the same: there’s the Half Scale garage I started. I’m still finishing up the yard here and there.

Pictured: part of side yard. The front part with a "gravel" drive will be host to a yard sale scene. Close-up of flower bed by garage wall.

I also started decorating a small travel trailer. Instead of it being the usual bed-table-kitchen layout, I’ve decided to try converting it into a Coffee CafĂ©. (The photo - I know, boring huh? -  is only a teaser to show the body - it took me quite a while to decide on a color scheme. The inside is now wallpapered with a pink floral and has a black-white checkered floor.) I don't want to show it until I have more done.

Oh, if that isn’t enough, I found a HUGE dollhouse at the thrift store, and well, it was a steal for $10. I actually bought it for the windows and door since I just don’t have the room for the whole house. (Never mind that I have two other built houses yet to decorate.)

Then I got an idea—yeah, dangerous. Real dangerous...I hated to do it, well, kind of...

 So, I took off the top sections and saved the bottom floor. Ready-made roombox! It's still fairly big - it fits the length of  a square folding table. It’s probably going to be turned into the hippie-1960s-‘70s record store I was thinking about. The windows already look better painted pink with hot pink on the top and bottom, plus the side trim lines. The outside will be violet and purple. Lots of color will be going on here. Found an array of fun scrapbook papers, including a colorful pineapple print I like. Basically you can't have too much color in this one!

Yes, it will require making dozens, a hundred or more (?), mini record album covers. I really don't like making them all, but the end result makes it worth it. There's something about seeing a bunch of the same things. Check out this mini record collection

You'll laugh - I even found that one of the miniature flower makers has a "certain" plant and leaf kit available for that added touch of realism! I'm a DIY'er so I'll be adding the leaf kit to my inventory soon.

And of course the ideas never end... We'll see what I pick up at the dollhouse shows that I planned on attending this past weekend. 

It's an addiction, I guess. An addiction to creating, whether it's in word or in a project. There’s just one problem with all this creativity – now I have to finish it all. Haaa!


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Linda O. Johnston said...

How delightful that you're creative in so many ways--including writing!