Friday, June 30, 2017

Almost Finished!

I finished the rewrite of the next Crochet Mystery. I will sending it in with the title OFF THE HOOK. I have lost track of time, not be outside for a couple of days except to take out the trash. It was hot and got cooler, but I didn’t notice.

I just have to make the cake tonight. I always make a test of the recipe when I’m finished with the manuscript. I also have to write the patterns. Well, write them out. I have them in my own shorthand.

I always find the end hard to write. How to write why the killer did it without it seeming like a boring information drop. And then tying all the threads together. The very very end was a challenge because I could feel the rhythm – that is a word I can never remember how to spell – was off. It was too brusque.

Last night I sat staring at the computer realizing I’d written my way into a corner. I’d been in front of the computer all day and by then was feeling pretty burned out. I finally had to let it go until this morning. As usually happens I must have worked on in my sleep, because the way out of the corner magically came through my fingers onto the keyboard.

I still need to proof read it, but I will make my deadline – always a relief. I can’t even bear to think of what is waiting when I send this off – corporate income taxes (we got an extension), last minute rush to prepare for release of A TANGLED YARN, and start writing the next Yarn Retreat book and come up with the idea for the next Crochet Mystery.

But I also know a couple days off and I’ll be raring to tackle it all. Plus next week I’m going to Seattle, Vancouver, Victoria and back to Seattle. I’ve only been to Canada once – I was fourteen and went into Windsor from Detroit with a friend’s family. We spent all of a couple of hours there. Our route looks beautiful even on the map. I can’t wait.


Linda Osborn said...

Wow ! Excitement ahead ! It's great to know those two books are about ready to go. I have the yarn mystery on pre-order from Amazon, and will be watching for Hooked on Murder. That trip is wonderful--the last one my husband and I took before he passed. We cruised up to Vancouver, and took the train back. There were many stops and side trips along the way. Be sure to see the gardens !

Linda O. Johnston said...

Congrats on finishing your rewrite. And I've no doubt you worked on your story in your sleep. I have great faith in writers' subconscious minds!