Thursday, June 29, 2017

Organizing a Scrapbook Album

Layouts. Layouts. And more layouts. I started wondering if the layouts I made for our 2015 vacation to Disney World was going to fit in the album I bought and had embossed. I was nearing the completion of the album, but there was still about twelve more layouts to complete. Some of the pages were in the three-ring binder album, and the other layouts were in a 12x12 Iris project case. It was time to start putting the album together and see if the vacation was a one or two album project.

The first step was sorting the pages into days. Fortunately, the title page was a list of the highlights of our trip listing. It made it easy to sort the pages as I could refer back to it if I wasn't certain which day we visited a park or ate at a character meal. It was such a helpful page, I'm planning on starting each vacation album with a title page that lists the dates and activities of the day.

 After putting in the completed layouts, and adding in empty page protectors for the pages I still needed to add, I realized one album wasn't going to work. The pages were hard to turn, snagging on the ridge of the clip. I had about twelve more double-page spreads to make, and I like adding three-dimensional embellishments to the pages. The album was thick so I knew the trip would turn into a two album project.
(Which I shouldn't have been surprised about as our week long Disney Cruise album is actually three albums.) In my stash of scrapbook supplies, I found a postbound 12x12 Disney album. I'm going to place our character pictures into that album and leave the rest of the layouts in the three-ring binder.

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Linda O. Johnston said...

That's certainly a wonderful way to have a reminder of every detail of a memorable trip! I admire you for it.