Wednesday, August 9, 2017

One of Those Days

Yesterday was one of those days--a day in which I didn't get much writing done.  There was too much else going on in my life.  And I nearly always try to write my blog a day ahead, so what you see here also impacted the rest of my writing.

First, I had an exercise session in the morning.  Then I met a friend for lunch.  After that, I had physical therapy.  Late in the day was a neighborhood meeting about developers wanting to build a 15-unit apartment building not too far away on my narrow, twisty residential street, and I had to attend to see what they intended to do, especially with the parking since what's already here is nearly always filled.

And another very important thing.  My older dog loves squeaky rubber balls, and she'd nearly destroyed the ones she had.  That type, vaguely resembling soccer balls, used to be popular enough to be sold in local stores, but not any more.  I got to the point that I ordered a bunch online--and they arrived yesterday.  I of course had to open the box and play some ball with both dogs.  Only fair.

I have things going on every day for the rest of the week, too, including today.  But that's okay.  My mind is hard at work on the manuscript I'm currently writing since there are some things that require some modification. 

So, time or not, my imagination is busy in addition to the rest of me being mired down in reality.

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Betty Hechtman said...

tt is hard when life gets in the way of writing.