Sunday, March 11, 2007

Size Does NOT Matter

So...I was happy making a page the other day when I found myself stressing out because I was using two 4 x 6 inch photos.

See, most of the magazines lately are showing these oversized photos as the focal points on pages.

And I started to feel bummed. Right in the middle of working on the page! Up until then, I was enjoying the colors, the textures, and the theme. But this crummy feeling crept up on me, and I thought, "Really, Joanna, you are just not cutting edge anymore. How pathetic."

(Do you talk to yourself like that? I do. Sad, eh? Mainly it happens when I'm tired, and I've been tired lately. Funny...I wouldn't let anyone ELSE talk to me like that.)

A day later, I received my February/March issue of Scrapbooks etc. Magazine. Inside was an entire article on getting creative with 4 x 6 inch prints. And a few days later ScrapBook Inspirations, my favorite UK magazine, arrived and it showed a page sketch built around 4 x 6's and a gatefold album solely of 4 x 6's.

Here's my point: Everything old is new again.

Here's my other point: This hobby is a particularly trend-driven one. And if I stress over that, I ruin it for myself.

And here's my third point (because 3 is such a good number): Guilt and creativity do NOT go together.

So, I'm going to get back to making pages, and I'm not going to care about the size of my photos. At least, not until the next attack of the ucky comparisons.

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