Friday, May 24, 2024

What's Going On

 Time flies.  Just like that there are cherries and peaches at Costco.  May is flying by and my trip to Writers Police Academy/Killercon is fast approaching. Jakey is almost finished with first grade.  I am go glad to be able to see him just about everyday.  We are already planning some short trips for summer.  I love going places with him and hearing his take on things. 

He used to just come to the door of the room that I write in when he wanted something--usually food.  But now he comes up right next to me, usually starling me.  I just realized that I think he is looking to see what is on my computer screen as he can read now.

I had to set aside the next Molly book while  work on the edits for Classy Yarns and Tea for You.  I thought the editor might suggest making the title shorter, but she didn't, so I guess that will be it.  Even though her editorial suggestions are just here and there, I go over the whole manuscript, tweaking and correcting as go.  I am enjoying going through it.  I really like the characters.

Even though I more or less set Molly's next adventure aside, doesn't mean that I'm not thinking about it.  I keep noticing things that relate to the plot and take notes.  

I can't wait to get back to working on it.  I am calling it MURDER BY THE HOOK. 

Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Sorry I'm Late!

             I thought I had my post scheduled this week but still having typing issues with my wrist so I didn’t get it done. Sorry! Didn’t have a lot to say anyway. 

            But I did want to let everyone know that the Worldwide Mysteries paperback version of my first Alaska Untamed mystery, Bear Witness, is available starting this week. I haven’t found it available in any stores, just online, but please let me know if you see it in stores. Here’s the link in case you’re interested: 

The hardback version from Crooked Lane Books is still available too. Large difference in price, but I really love both covers! 

            Okay. Time to go play with my pups, which also remains a challenge with my braced wrist since Roxie always wants me to throw things. But it still works out fine!

Friday, May 17, 2024

It's Always Something

 KNOT DEAD AGAIN  is out and my editor said that it seemed like another winner.  I did the podcast and it seemed to go well.  And the overlap of projects continued.  I received my copies of the big print version of KILLER HOOKS and I heard from the editor of CLASSY YARNS.  She was letting me know that I'd be getting the edits soon and best of all said that she loved the manuscript.  Always good news.

Meanwhile I am getting together the story for the next Molly book.  I really want to write more of it beyond the first few pages, but realized it would work better if I had a loose synopsis with who the characters are and what's going to happen before I went further.

Writers Police Academy/Killercon is coming up in a few weeks which meant I finally had to set up the laptop I bought months ago.  My old Macbook Air is around ten years old and some things don't work on it.  The new one was on sale and smaller which makes it better for travel.  The nice thing about Apple computers is that they come loaded with programs, but I still need to have actual Word instead of relying on their word processing program Pages.

I needed to set it up for all my mail programs and get Dropbox to work on it.  I put off doing it because I knew that there would be bumps along the way and I was totally focused on finishing the two manuscripts.  With my upcoming trip, I couldn't put it off any longer and went to deal with it over the weekend.

I didn't remember that I had already done some basic setup like the Internet connection and my basic information, along with a sign in password.  So, when I turned it on, the sign in screen came up and I typed in what I assumed was the password, but it wasn't.  I keep track of all my sign in stuff and passwords and when I checked that file on another computer, there was nothing about the new laptop.

I tried again to sign in changing what I capitalized and still no go.  I worried that if I tried too many times that it would lock me out.  I checked online on how to change my password.  There were instructions, but hitting the two keys they suggested didn't do anything.

I started to freakout imagining that the brand new computer would be a waste because I couldn't log into it.  Luckily,  talked to my son who said if worse came to worse, I could take it to the Apple store and have them clear the whole thing and I could start over.  Anxious to get going on that plan, I tried calling the Apple store to make an appointment.  Instead I got a robot voice asking what I wanted and as soon as I explained the problem, the robot  turned me over to a real human tech person.

He totally helped me reset the password and just like that I was back in business.  I dealt with Dropbox after that and of course, it is different than it was on the old Macbook.  I started to work on getting Word, but after going through having Microsoft try to push me to the subscription, I was spent and put it off.  I shelved the whole thing for a couple of days beyond figuring out that I could get just Word without having to buy Office.  The discs are a thing of the past and now it's all downloads.  The last time I downloaded Word for my desktop there were all kinds of problems and it took a long time dealing with a tech before it worked.  It wasn't anything I did wrong, just that that their codes didn't work and I kept getting a new one.  

Now that KNOT DEAD AGAIN is out and I am ready to deal with whatever comes with downloading Word and then the new laptop will be ready for action.

Fingers crossed it goes smoothly.

Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Moving Right Along

             Not much new this week. I’m still working primarily on one of my new story ideas. Also, I did reserve a hotel room in Toronto for the September Harlequin conference. 

            Well, something is somewhat new. I’m trying to write on the computer with a splint of sorts on my right arm since I fell a couple of weeks ago and wound up having it checked because it still hurt a bit. Might be a small fracture, so it needs to heal. Ugh! At least I can still type! Oh, and I can still play with the pups and feed them. 

            Hmmm. Maybe I can somehow use this in a story sometime…