Friday, January 18, 2019

Rain Soaked Week

It feels like the week has been just one gloomy, rain soaked day. Our house has lots and lots of windows which made escaping from the weather impossible. That coupled with all the news reports warning of possible impending disaster from all that moisture made more a tense week.

This morning, the rain soaked ground was trying to give all those moisture back and there was a veil of fog when I looked out into my back yard, but at least no rain and there were dry spots appearing on the stone patio.

It seems like I spent the whole week hovering over my computer. A lot of it was checking radar maps to see if we were about to get a deluge. But I also spent time finally getting to know Bookbub and Goodreads.

I discovered that I have presences on both, but they need to be updated and added to. Suddenly there was a flow of followers. Honestly, I’m still figuring out how to handle them. I found that one of the sites has questions to answer. I chose to answer one about writers block.

And now I’ve found a whole new way to communicate with readers. It is a whole new world of communication. I remember writing a letter to Herman Wouk after finishing The Winds of War. There was no direct way to reach him. I had to send a letter to his publisher and since there was no response, I didn’t even know if it had reached him.

He also wrote one of my favorite books - Marjorie Morningstar. I have read it numerous times at different points in my life. And each time my take on it was totally different. That’s really just an aside.

But now there is direct immediate communication between readers and authors. It is interesting to be able to answer questions about real locations and where ideas come from. I personally always have regarded writers with a sense of awe. If I saw an author in person, to me they were like magical vessels filled with all these stories along with the secrets of how to get them published.

I am not used to talking about myself. I am more interested in hearing about other people. I will look at a crowd and think how each of those people has their own story. And I am surrounded by people right now who seem to use me as a sounding board and have no interest in anything I have to say unless it is about them.

The way I deal with it is by writing in a journal every morning. It oils my writing ability and serves as a release. Well, I guessed I just let out a secret about myself.

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Card Hoarding

I love all different types of crafts especially those in the paper crafting arena and using electronic die cutters. There is an ebb and flow to how often and which of the crafts I focus on most: scrapbooking, vinyl creations, die cuts, or card making. Card making has taken a back seat for many years because of one issue I have--hoarding the cards.

I love making cards. I find the process relaxing and enjoy trying new techniques on cards that I'm rather hesitant to use on scrapbooking pages because I'm scared of ruining my photos. I haven't been making cards as much because I have such a hard time letting them go. They are made and then stored in a box waiting for--I really don't know.

I'm not sure if my hesitation is from enjoying my creation so much I don't want it gone or that I'm worried it will just end up in someone's trash. Not that I'd expect a person to keep a handmade card forever, I'd just like to know they'd hold onto it for a little bit.

Maybe next year, I should make one of my goals (along with crafting once a week and going to the theater once a month whether to see a movie or play) to send out one card a month. Here are some cards I've been hanging onto for about six months. I feel bad holding onto them but I'm reluctant to send them out. I can't believe how a simple thing has me so conflicted. What to do?

Wednesday, January 16, 2019


Yes, it has been raining on and off in L.A over the past week or so.  We certainly need it, so I'm not complaining.  My dogs are, though.  They like to go into the backyard to play and more, but with the wetness and mud back there I've been letting them outside mostly in the covered dog run off to the side of the house.  It's not as interesting for them.  Plus, on rainy days our neighbor who brings treats to my pups on her daily walk sometimes doesn't come, so they're not happy about that, either.

I'm also staying home a bit more, which is fine for my writing but maybe not so much for the rest of me.  The usual exercise outing I go for on Tuesdays was called off because it's mostly in a park.  But the other locations I attend have remained open.

Also, I attended the Los Angeles Romance Authors meeting on Sunday since it's fairly close to me, but I decided not to go to the Orange County Chapter of Romance Writers of America on Saturday since it's in Orange County (of course), in Brea, and that's more of a distance for me.  The weather seemed iffy when I made the decision, although I don't think it rained that day.

Okay, I realize that some of you reading this could be miffed that I dare to complain even a little about rain since you're having a winter full of snow and ice.  I get it--and I feel for you! 

Lots of other writing events coming up in February, it appears.  Plus, I'm writing quite a bit.  This year's off to a good, though wet, start. 

Tuesday, January 15, 2019


I’ve been concerned about my forgetfulness, so I took a lengthy cognition test and got the results yesterday: I’m within normal range in all aspects.  Really?  They why am I so forgetful?  Or maybe I’ve been much better than normal all these years and only now have I dropped down into normal range.  But it doesn’t explain why I can no longer write mystery stories.

Because I’m not spending hours a day writing a novel, I find I have more time to read.  I’m mostly reading old favorites: Christie, Marsh, Kipling, Earl Derr Biggers; and more recent favorites: Pratchett, Westlake.  Happiness may be a warm puppy, but it’s also found in a favorite author’s stories.  And just for the variety, I hinted and so got, a video copy of the old movie, "Blithe Spirit," starring Rex Harrison and Margaret Rutherford.  I have long been a fan of Ms. Rutherford, whose homely face always brightens mine, even when she played an outrageously untrue to the character Miss Marple.  I would have adored to have her as an aunt.