Friday, May 26, 2023

No Words

 I have been working all day rewriting the Molly book and I'm just out of words.  So, no blog this week. 

Wednesday, May 24, 2023

May Gray

          The weather in L.A. remains somewhat odd this year. Yes, May Gray is common, and it’s definitely gray here, with the sky overcast a lot. But though it’s pretty much the end of rainy season, when my dogs woke me up to go out at 6:30 yesterday morning it was raining. Not hard, but the roof over their dog run made raindrop noises, and I could see wetness on the ground on the patio leading to the yard. Am I complaining? No! Not sure our drought is ended, but it has to have been relieved a bit this year after the amount of rain we’ve had.

My writing continues, as it always does, rain or shine. I’m mostly still working on my next Shelter of Secrets book for Harlequin Romantic Suspense. Yes, it of course contains dogs.

I still take time off to play with Roxie. Our pup is now about 16 months old and has no idea that she’s not a young puppy anymore. In fact, she engaged in several rounds of puppy zoomies all through our living room and dining room the other day, carrying a toy. And she always wants us to toss toys so she can fetch. Fortunately, our older pup Cari and she get along fine, sometimes attacking each other in play, growling and nipping enough that I have to tell them to stop, even though they seem to be having fun—but I don’t want them to hurt each other.

I also take time off from my writing to go through and delete emails. And I also spend time doing crossword puzzles online and on paper. Enjoyable!

Right now it’s time to get back to those secrets—the Shelter of Secrets!

Friday, May 19, 2023


 My mother was Swedish and the coffee was the beverage of choice.  I started drinking it when I was a teen and have been a coffee lover ever since.  Now I connect with writing.  I write while I have my morning coffee-- sometimes it's writing in a journal where I dump all my feelings and complaints.  Better to say on paper than bore somebody.  Paper never blinks an eye at all the repetition.  Sometimes it with a yellow legal pad and write long hand for a book.

I drink different coffee at different times of the day.  Morning I have coffee that has lion mane and chaga mushrooms in it.  It is supposed to be good for your brain, memory, etc.  I make that by the cup with one of those little pour over things.

Then when the four o'clock slump hits, I make a pot of whatever other coffee I happen to have. Sometimes, I make more coffee in the evening.  It does not keep me awake when its time to sleep.  Maybe all the coffee I've drunk over the years has made me immune to caffeine.

I'm always interested in different coffee pots.  I have tried several that use those cups, though I mostly, filled a reusable one with my current coffee.  The Keurig lasted a couple of years and then stopped working.  I got some other imitation one that used the same cups and could be a drip coffee maker.  It was hit or miss with the cups.  It ended up in the giveaway box.

I have resisted getting any more of the single cup makers, despite all the sales that Keurig has and the other brands.

Until recently.  I started getting ads for Nespresso machines on Facebook. Over and over.  I'd seem the George Clooney ads.  The coffee looked good on TV.  There was one that was on sale.  But nowadays nobody seems to buy anything without doing research. It became very confusing with the Nespresso machines.  There were all these features to consider and the kind of capsules to used to make the coffee.

I was this close to buying the one Costco had until I discovered that the capsules Costco sold would not work in the machine they sold.  There was a different line of Nespressos that worked with the capsules that Costco sold, but Costo didn't have that machine.

It was getting so confusing that I thought of the keurig machines, but when I read the reviews, it seemed universal that Keurig machines only lasted a short time, but for some strange reason people kept buying another one.

I had become so caught up in the whole idea of the single cup makers that it felt like I was compelled to buy one.

And then I stopped to think how ridiculous it was to have it so complicated to use a machine to make a single cup of coffee.  My little pour over thing basically works the same.  All it takes is a paper filter, some coffee grounds and hot water.  There's nothing to break, no capsules to worry about fitting and I already have it.

It's crazy how we get caught up in thinking we need something we really don't.

Wednesday, May 17, 2023

My Mother's Days

               Yes, last weekend was Mother’s Day. It was an enjoyable time—and the enjoyment spilled over to the next day too. On Sunday, I got a wonderful call from my older son ,d-i-l and two grandsons from their home in Indiana, wishing me a Happy Mother’s Day. I did the same to my d-i-l! And later, I received a call from my younger son, with similar wishes.

However, due to various reasons, we didn’t celebrate with a Mother’s Day dinner till the next day, with our younger son and his girlfriend. We went to the Toothsome Chocolate Emporium and Savory Feast Kitchen at Universal City Walk. Delightful company, and a wonderful dinner too, especially for chocoholic me.

            The day before Mother’s Day was National Dog Mom’s Day, and I posted best wishes for all dog moms and other moms on my Facebook page over those two days.

And I’ve been writing too, mostly on my next Shelter of Secrets book for Harlequin Romantic Suspense. But I just received one more round of edits on my next Alaska Untamed Mystery. Plus, I’m writing an article about my pups, which might not go anywhere, but I couldn’t resist!

Hope all you moms and dog moms had wonderful, celebratory days last weekend!