Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Kewpie Mischief

One night at the turn of the twentieth century, Rosie O’Neill dreamed about tiny imps and began to sketch them from her imagination. Plump, mischievous babies with laughing eyes and wisps of hair standing straight up. She called them Kewpies, short for Cupid, because they did good deeds in amusing ways.

The series began with magazine drawings accompanied by short stories and poems. Next, she designed Kewpie Kutouts, comic pages, and books. At the request of adoring children, she created a special doll. By Nineteen-thirteen Kewpie dolls could be found all over the world.

How to tell an original? Look for the 'O'Neill' imprint on the doll's foot and a red heart on the chest.

Goodbye Dolly, the second in my Dolls To Die For series, will be out in September. It features these lovable cherubs.

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