Saturday, April 14, 2007

Meet Paige Wheeler

Thanks so much for inviting me as a guest blogger on KILLER HOBBIES. Who knew that hobbies could be deadly? Well, maybe, when you think of hang gliding, mountain climbing, or bungee jumping. But petsitting, doll collecting, scrapbooking, quilting and needlework? Actually, perhaps you *are* on to something! I’ve been totally addicted to HGTV for a couple of years now and through home improvements, we’ve survived cuts and bruises, visits to the emergency room, and just this afternoon, aching backs from painting the living room. Maybe this hobby *is* deadly, or at the very least uncomfortable! J

My constant hobby has always been reading, which is one of the many reasons I became an agent. I followed the rule “do what you love.” What this means, however, is that my hobby has become a full time job and whenever I read, it’s usually for work. I do read for pleasure, but I’m constantly turning that into work as well. (How did the author come up with the plotline, what prompted the editor to buy the book, how is the book performing in the marketplace?) You get the picture.

My authors must have experienced strange moments with their hobbies, because I represent a whole slew of deadly hobbyists. Jackie Chance, for example, is writing a poker mystery series. The first, DEATH ON THE FLOP, features a young woman who is forced to learn Texas Hold ‘Em. Looks like that hobby is not only expensive, but deadly. At least you get free drinks at the card table. Miranda Bloom has a hobby that I can’t even comprehend—cooking. Her novels are centered around a cooking school and the protagonist is as culinary-challenged as I am. COOKING UP MURDER was her first book. Kathleen Klein is an avid gardener; actually, she got a degree in Landscape Design and turned that into mystery entitled THE DEADLY GARDEN TOUR. Hopefully she didn’t specialize in growing funeral flowers. Roberta Isleib turned her passion for golf and background in psychology into something deadly. Her golfing mystery series (the first is SIX STROKES UNDER) features characters who can’t stand losing and will do anything to get ahead. Now Roberta has turned her attention to the advice column and has a book out entitled DEADLY ADVICE. Makes me think twice about reading Dear Abby. Linda O. Johnston’s love for pets is evident in every book she has written, so a main character who is a petsitting attorney is a perfect fit for her. I loved the title of her first book, SIT STAY SLAY. Linda’s now working on her sixth, so I it seems tons of people share her love of pets. Finally, I have Casey Daniels. I really wouldn’t call giving Cemetery Tours a hobby, more of a job. But Casey’s has managed to turn her fascination with cemeteries into a great mystery series. Her first book, DON OF THE DEAD, debuted last year and CHICK AND THE DEAD just hit stores. With so many shows about psychics and mediums, this series is one that has more than a ghost of a chance of capturing a wide audience.

My most recent passion *could* be called a hobby as well. We just got a puppy six weeks ago. Having a puppy seems more like a full time job than a hobby. My husband and I have named him Hudson and he’s totally adorable. However, he *does* take up a large amount of time like any good hobby. So much so that we’ve had to forgo our other hobbies in place of him. He’s totally worth it, though. However, my husband has made one promise. Based on all of the murders that take place in Linda’s books, we can NOT hire a petsitter. This puppy is going to doggie daycare. Sorry Linda.

Paige Wheeler
FOLIO Literary Management


Monica Ferris said...

I just love cemetaries, too! I have for as long as I can remember. I especially like the old gravestones with epitaphs on them, and I'm pleased that modern technology has made epitaphs affordable again. Now I'm going to have to look up Casey Daniels' books. Thank you for this post!

Deb Baker said...

Your pup is adorable! Bet he's as much work as a baby though. Thanks for posting.

Joanna Campbell Slan said...


Your enthusiasm for your authors is super. No wonder I've heard so many good things about you. Thanks for being a part of Killer Hobbies.


Lee Lofland said...

I met Paige a couple of years ago during a conference in Yosemite, Ca. We were both speakers for the event. I was very impressed with Paige and I continue to hear good things about her and Folio. Now, I know she's truly okay because she has a dog.

Linda O. Johnston said...

Okay, I finally have computer access again. (I've been out of town.) Thanks so much for guest blogging, Paige. I enjoyed your insight into how so many different kinds of hobbies can become the harbinger of fun mystery series. And I especially love seeing Hudson.

I just visited my brother in Phoenix. He has a Lab, too--a golden Lab named Sadie. We had Lexie and Sparquie with us and they were unnerved by the big baby who had to stay across the room from them.

Okay, back to unpacking--and brainstorming for my next pet-sitting mystery!