Thursday, May 10, 2007

Puff the Papillon

By Joanna Campbell Slan

The photo is of Puff, the Papillon, and me. When I saw Linda's post, I told her I had Puff's photo, and she suggested I share it with all of you. Puff is a service dog. He alerts to smoke alarms to safeguard his owner, Jean C. Keating. Jean breeds Papillons and noticed that Puff was the smartest of the litter. I was missing my dogs, so when Jean and I were together on a panel, I took the opportunity to give Puff a cuddle. The first day of Malice, Puff surprised and delighted us all by appearing in his Sherlock Bones overcoat. He's just too cute, isn't he?


Monica Ferris said...

I saw Puff, too, at Malice. A very sweet dog with amazingly-large ears. That's where the name of the breed comes from, of course. Papillon is the French word for butterfly, which the huge ears make his head resemble.

Linda O. Johnston said...

I was able to share a little quality time with Puff, too, when he sat beside me at my signing. Adorable!

Joanna Campbell Slan said...

Let's face it. Puff deserved some sort of award. So many of us got our doggy-fix by loving him up. And he was so good about all the strange people stroking him!

Puff (Sherlock Bones) said...

Dear Monica, Linda and Joanna,
This keyboard isn't exactly suited to my little paws, but I did want you to know that I appreciate all your kind words, thank you for all the attention and petting you gave me at Malice and hope to meet you again soon.

Puff the Papillon