Tuesday, June 12, 2007


I’m an impulsive person, and that’s a gross understatement. I get restless easily and have to go exploring. Change. It’s what keeps me excited about life. That’s why I like gardening so much. It adapts right along with me. Every year, I plot and plan exactly the same way as I do with my manuscripts. I rip things out and move them here or there. I bring in fresh colors, new ideas to experiment with. My garden hasn’t looked the same two years in a row. Ever. But as I age, I don’t have the physical stamina I once did, so now I’m abandoning annuals with all their vibrant colors and short life spans, and I’m going to perennials. I still move them around, though. I can’t resist.

Cooking is another hobby I love. I came from a family who had chicken on Sunday, pork chops (1 per person) on Monday, Tuesday was meatloaf day. You get my drift. Me? I rarely cook the same thing twice. Yes, I have a few favorites and we eat our share of pizzas and subs, but when I get ready to create, I don’t want any limits. Anything and everything is possible. I like that.

I’ve never understood, although I’ve paused to admire, those tenacious souls who continue on the same course forever -the myrmecologist (for example), who can study the red wood ant of southern England for an entire lifetime without getting bored!

The only things constant in my sea of change are those things that can adapt to my wants and needs.

Which brings me to writing. Talk about excitement and change! I’ve just wrapped up two contracts. Three books in the Yooper series, three in the Dolls To Die For series. I’m waiting to hear if my publishing houses think the numbers are good enough to continue them. While I’m waiting, I’m fidgeting. I’m at a crossroad in my career. Do I want to do more in these series? I ask myself. Of course you do, I answer. Back and forth. Wouldn’t it be fun to try writing something completely different? Gertie and Gretchen were fun, but I have all these ideas. I want to plant them and see what grows.

So…while I wait, I’m puttering with a proposal for a new series. Still a mystery, but with a twist. I’ll let you know what happens.

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Camille Minichino said...

Amazing how many books you've done in the two series in such a short time, Deb. And they are GOOD! I'm looking forward to hearing what's next.