Tuesday, June 5, 2007

The Mini Uses of Pizza

I hate pizza, but sometimes I have it delivered just so I can get those little white plastic pieces that (allegedly) keep the cover of the box from smashing into the topping. The before and after photos show what I do with them. They make the best all-purpose tables. Break off the little legs and add your own style. For a miniature bistro table, twist heavy copper wire into more fashionable legs and glue the assembly to the bottom. You can paint or add contact paper to the top for a different look, but "as is" works fine as well.

The chairs, as you see, are bottle tops with wire backs and legs. Contact paper can also be added to the seats; I've left them as is.

Creating a miniature scene like this is a lot like writing fiction. I look at a bottle top and see a chair seat. Or I look at a thimble and see a tiny waste basket. In the same way, writers look at the guy at the next table in the coffee shop and see his secret life or they read a news article and ask "what if?"

The whole scene is fiction, in fact. The bottle cap is not really a seat, the table could not hold up a real mug of coffee. It's all about glue, not gravity.

A poster to my first blog took the connection between miniatures and fiction to a new level. I have tiny ruby slippers under the embalming table in my mortuary scene. The poster's comment: maybe Dorothy didn't make it to Kansas, after all!


Deb Baker said...

I love the massive amount of imagination that goes into a miniature creation! And the Dorothy comment cracked me up.

Ellen said...

Ohh, yes, you have the eye. Being able to see past the label or the current use, all the way to the possibilities, is important if you wish to be a Maker.

There's a wonderful store here called "Ax Man Surplus". It's filled with goodies you can put to your own uses.

MargaretD said...

Wait a minute...you hate pizza? I think I was in too much of a state of shock to take in anything you wrote after that.

Joanna Campbell Slan said...

OOohhh. Love it Love it.

More, more, more please.

Camille Minichino said...

Margaretd ... on the "I hate pizza" comment ... remember, I write fiction!


Mike said...

Nice miniature. Hope you can create some high table too. :)