Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Year!

I don't know whether to post something now, unprepared, or to post later. But since I'm sitting here typing this, I guess I've decided to try this. Had a great New Year's Eve party, playing penny ante poker with a small group of friends. No booze, lots of laughs, I think I'm up about a dollar.

The book is still moving along. To coin a cliche, the end is in sight. I've deliberately withheld that final climax, to tempt me to hustle toward it. The temperature outside is a little below zero, which will be the temperature for this final scene, so that's good. I'll walk around in it a little bit and it will inspire me.

It'll also make me grateful to be indoors again. I'm a great history buff and used to wish for time travel so I could actually experience the past times. But the older I get the less I want to live "back then." Disease, fleas, spoiled food, what if I break a leg or get a toothache? What if they conclude I'm an enemy spy or, worse, a witch? So let me pop in for a brief visit, then it's "who was that masked lady?"


Anonymous said...

Interesting that you save that last big chapter as a treat for yourself as you slog through the messy middle.

Happy New Year!


Monica Ferris said...

Happy New Year, Sheila. I think the scene will be lots of fun to write: a confrontation with a desperate man holding a gun, an antique car sitting in silence, apparently not running, then a big, noisy surprise.

Camille Minichino said...

If you were sitting on a tachyon you really could time travel.

I'd love to travel forward: clones, green and blue pills instead of cooking chores, press a button and your house is clean ...

Joanna Campbell Slan said...

Sounds like fun, Monica. Glad you got your groove back.