Thursday, January 3, 2008

Hello, 2008!

I'd intended to blog today by talking about New Year's resolutions that may be applicable to pets--like not overfeeding despite how much they beg (Are you reading this, Lexie???), and giving them lots of hugs while making sure they know who's in charge, since your control is for their own good (Now I know Lexie isn't reading this!!).

I can't help adding, though, that I'm really saddened by a situation reported in the news on New Years Day. In San Diego, south of where I live in L.A., a man being pursued in his vehicle who might have been DUI got out of his car on the Coronado Bay Bridge and appeared as if he wanted to jump. A police dog named Stryker was released to stop him. Stryker initially succeeded by getting the man down on the ground, but the man picked Stryker up and jumped. The man survived. Stryker didn't. In my opinion, if someone wants to end his own life, it's a terrible thing but at least it's his own decision. In this case, poor Stryker was just doing his job.

Okay, enough of such awful stuff. It is a new year, filled with lots of time to read, to write... and to love our pets.

Happy New Year, to all of you and your families, including the animal members!


P.S. One of my old rug hooks mysteriously appeared on my washing machine this week, and no one in the family owns up to putting it there. Is that a sign that I really should take up the craft again this year???


Deb Baker said...

What a horrible story! I hope doggy heaven exists.

Joanna Campbell Slan said...

Of course there's a doggy heaven, Deb. Or it ain't heaven.

Anonymous said...

I thoroughly believe our beloved pets are in heaven, romping in green fields while they wait for our reunion. That's the only way I can get thru each day missing my two boys (cats).

And I sincerely hope that idiot gets the book thrown at him for murdering that poor dog.